Why Use PPC Advertising?

Why PPC Advertising

PPC also is known as Pay Per Click is a form of online advertising. Where the advertiser pays a fee for each click, hence the name. PPC comes in many forms, including advertising with website banners, search engine adverts and video ads. By far the most popular is search engine and banner ads. They’re easier to set up and the most cost-effective. In this article, we’ll be asking why use PPC advertising? So, let’s find out why PPC advertising might be right for your website.

why use ppc advertising?

What is PPC Advertising

PPC advertising works a little bit differently to how the regular ads you see offline do. Instead of the advertiser paying for a placement, they pay for every click. Meaning of course, if you don’t get any clicks you don’t spend any money. It also means that you can be the master of your own failures if not set up properly. (We’ll get a lot more into that later).

Bidding For Adverts

PPC adverts work on a bidding system. Every time a user searches for a keyword, a search engine will bid an advert on location. In almost every case an advert will always be above the organic results. As well as this, the largest budget for bidding per click will most likely be top. But, this isn’t always the case. With Quality Score, you could effectively use the quality of your advert and landing page to rank higher, with less money. Quality Score Article

The might be of interest – Quality Score Defined

How PPC is Set Up?

PPC is set up in a very user-friendly way. Firstly, you need to set yourself up on Adwords or another PPC management tool. Once done you can start developing adverts. (We’re going to fly through this because I’ve written a lot of articles on PPC). Then the advertiser picks the keywords they want to rank for, sets a daily budget and away we go. This budget is then used to bid for placement in search results.

Why PPC Advertising Could Work

Below I’ve listed a few reasons why PPC advertising could be really beneficial for your website and business.

Fast Traffic

Your website can gain a lot of traffic very quickly. Featuring on highly searched key terms can yield a lot of website traffic due to the search volume.

More Targeted Than Social

Social media advertising is typically quite broad. With PPC advertising you can target specific terms you know are being searched.

Managed Well can Yield Great Results

A well-managed advert can yield great conversions. With a properly set up advert and landing page traffic can grow very quickly and so can conversions.

Can be Easy to Run

If set up properly the advert can be very easy to manage. Even more so with the help of tools like Adwords and Keyword planner.

Easily Cancelled

If your advert campaign isn’t going very well you can easily cancel it. This can be all done through your advertising tools. Typically removed within minutes.

Why PPC Advertising Might Not Work

I’ve also listed a few reasons why PPC advertising might not work.

Can Get Expensive

If you’re bidding on big terms and your advert and landing page are poorly created you can spend a lot of money quickly.

Expensive Quickly

Even more so following on from the previous point. With highly searched terms costing anywhere from £3 to £10 per click, this can get expensive very often. This is why a lot of big firms will invest upwards of £10,000 – £100,000 per month.

A lot of Effort

Although we sighted this as a positive earlier, it can also be very hard. If you’re trying to manage multiple campaigns all with a high budget it can be very difficult. Keeping track of conversions, Click Through Rates can eat up a lot of time.

Can Easily be Poorly Optimised

Poorly optimised adverts will cost a lot of money with very little return. This is all to do with how you direct users once they’re on your website. Remember, you only pay per click. So if no one clicks you don’t spend any money. However, if you’re getting in a lot of traffic you need that to convert in order to make any return. Poorly optimised landing pages cost a lot of money!

Conclusion: Why PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising can be a great way to build up a lot of website traffic quickly. It allows for advertising to a very precise crowd of people. But, it can be very expensive and if not set up properly it can be even worse. However, in saying this, it is worth trying out. Some companies can see great benefits as it covers exactly what they do. Because of this Google offer typically £40 – £80 free advertising to start your plan. Just remember quality score is very important!

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