Why Maintain a Website?


Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is the act of keeping a website up to date and in good working order. Websites can quickly become outdated and show flaws when browsers and other tools are updated throughout the internet. Keeping on top of website maintenance should be at the top of every company’s website plan. Outdated websites are not only unprofessional but also easily hacked.

In this article, we will go through website maintenance. The different tasks that are included and the benefits of a well updated and optimised website.

Keeping up to Date

The first and the most serious part of website maintenance is keeping everything up to date. If a website uses a CMS like WordPress it is vital that the website is kept up to date. Updates are bought out frequently to improve security. These security updates help protect a website from hackers and potential data loss/theft. Whilst updating the CMS is key, it is also important to update any themes/plugins as well. Typically a CMS update will cause the addons to become void and stop working the way they should.

After an update, it is always good to check through the site. Make sure everything still looks and works the right way. This is typically the longest part of the update, but it is an important step.

Keeping a Fresh Design

Maintaining the design and feel of the website might not seem like website maintenance, but it is. This is because there are many design features on a website that can be easily outdated. These design features are often easily changed and don’t require a full overhaul. Typically photos, wording and logos can be easily changed on a site. It is important that any change in the company’s branding is replicated online.

Content Creation

Content creation is a big part of website maintenance that is often overlooked or forgotten about. If visiting a website and seeing the last article or news post came out in 2014. The first thought is that the company hasn’t done anything since then. Creating news articles or blog posts once a week or fortnightly can dramatically improve a company’s image. Not only this it can also improve its optimisation for search engines.

Technical Maintenace

Often a website maintenance retainer/contract will only cover the areas I have previously mentioned. But in order to get the best results and knowledge of a website. It is important to look at the technical aspects. As I’ve mentioned in our Crawl Bot Article, it is important to find broken links also known as 404 errors. 404 errors are when a webpage can not be found, giving a bad user experience. These should be looked for frequently using a tool like Google Search Console formerly known as Webmaster Tools.

During website maintenance, it’s also useful to check Google Analytics. This is where you can find all the information on the users of a website. How many sessions (visits) a website has had, the bounce rate numbers (number of sessions that visit only 1 page) and countless other information. We will go through a break down of how Analytics work in a future article.

Website Maintenance Conclusion

To conclude this article website maintenance is a key task that every digital marketer should be doing. If time cannot be set aside each week to check on the performance and quality of a website it is worth delegating or hiring an agency to perform it. It is currently a golden era for website and design. Take advantage of all the potential revenue and invest in maintaining a website and even creating a new one.

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