What is a Landing Page?


What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is exactly what it sounds like, a page where someone lands. It is typically the first page of your website a visitor will see when clicking through a link. In this article, I will be discussing what a landing page is, why it’s important and how it can improve conversions with Pay Per Click campaigns.

So what’s Pay Per Click? Pay Per Click also called PPC is a form of digital advertising whereby the advertisers pay a set amount per click. There are multiple forms of PPC, but today we will just use search engine PPC as it is the most popular. This form of PPC places adverts at the top of search results, giving ads a better visibility on the page. When a user clicks on these ads the user will be directed to a landing page designed and created by the advertiser. From here there should be a conversion point, a location on the page or another page that will be the goal for users to reach. If the user reaches this point, the advert has been successful.

All seems fairly simple, right? Well, the difficulty lies in the fact that you need to get the user to click on your ad in the first place, and once they’ve clicked on the ad the landing page needs to be engaging enough to convert them. Let’s talk about that landing page, why and how we can use to increase your conversion rate. We’ll talk about how to make an engaging advert in another article.

Why is the landing page important

As I’ve previously mentioned, this is the first page a visitors sees after clicking on an advert. If that visitor doesn’t see the right information or what they want quickly they’re going to leave your website and that will be a wasted paid click. When running your PPC campaign a crucial area that will indicate if your landing page is set up right is the bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who visit the site and go off the site without clicking on any other page.

Search engines rank PPC campaigns to decide what adverts should be top of the results page. This does come down to budget, but it also takes into account the keywords in the advert and how relevant the landing page is to the topic being searched.


Converting is the main goal of a PPC campaign, converting that click into a sale or potential customer. When setting up a PPC campaign, a conversion point should be set on the advertiser’s website. This conversion point is where you want that user to go, it might be the end of a contact form or the checkout page for an e-commerce website. It becomes a lot harder to track the success of a campaign without this conversion point and your landing page should be focused on pushing users to this point.

Improve the Landing Page

As we’ve mentioned before, the landing page is very important for the success of a PPC campaign. But what exactly should be on a landing page? In order to get the best results from a campaign, the landing page should be focused on the conversion. Stripping back the menu should help reduce bounce rates, preventing users with the idea of changing pages and moving further away from the conversion point. Clear and decisive call to actions should be implemented throughout the page. Make the conversion point obvious, let the user get to that point without needing to search for it.

The Content of the page should be relevant to the search terms used in the article, this will improve ranking and will improve the click-through rate.

To Conclude

An effective PPC campaign starts with the advert, but the closing point is the landing page. I will go into more detail about what makes the perfect advert in another article. The landing page is a crucial part of PPC campaigns which is often overlooked.

To conclude this article I will stress the importance of a well-designed landing page for making a campaign successful. Set up conversion points to help track its success and make the conversion point easy to reach. The content should be clear, focused on keywords used in the search terms and with an accurate call to actions. With all this, you should be able to go out there a start improving the success of your campaigns and even improve your SEO with it.

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