What Are Keywords?


What do keywords do?

Keywords are a key part of optimising websites for search engines. However, in this article, we will speak about those keywords and how to get the best results from them. So what are keywords you might be asking yourself? Well, a keyword in terms of SEO is a term that is significant to the webpage and the relevance of that page. Keywords play a key part in what a web page ranks for on search engines.

In this article we will run through how keywords work, what can you do to improve keywords on your web pages, and how to find the best keywords for your content.

How do Keywords affect web pages?

In very simple terms it’s the reason a website ranks for any search term. As mentioned in my previous article on crawl bots, these little bots need to see some sort of keywords in the content. Without these terms, it wouldn’t have a clue where to put it in search results. Using good quality keywords and using them well on a webpage will massively improve the ranking of any page for that term. Following on from this you might be thinking how do I do that? Well just carry on reading.

How to get the best from a keyword?

To give an example, if a web page is hoping to rank for the term ‘tigers’. Firstly they will be looking to feature this keyword in their content, not to much that it brings down the quality of the content, and not too little that the term doesn’t stand out. Now that term is starting to be seen as important by those crawl bots, next up ‘tigers’ needs to be more important, by putting it in H1 text, it becomes instantly more important. Its now in the key header of the page, what’s more important than that? Not much to be honest. Featuring it in one or two other header formats will solidify that term and featuring it the alt text of images will also improve the images ranking on that page.

Now that the content is looking pretty optimised, the page title should feature the term as well and it should also be in the page description. If possible it would also be very good to get a few backlinks to the page from other tiger related websites and link out of the page to other relevant pages, like a tiger donation page for example.

Now the webpage is looking pretty good and starts ranking, but no one searches tigers anymore, how do you find a new keyword to use?

Keyword Research

The process of actively finding highly search and competitive keywords. In order to find the best keyword to focus content on research will need to be done. Using a tool such as Moz or Google Keyword Planner is a great way to do this. Moz has a free keyword finder and Google Keyword Planner is completely free. Use these tools to search for similar terms, the applications will then find what term is searched most often and gives a score of how hard it is to rank for this term. This should be done often, as trends and terms change, so keep on top of this and always look to optimise.


To conclude this article, if you want to rank your website higher for terms, actively go out there and find the best term to use. Optimise for that term and if you need help feel free to get in contact with us.

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Thanks for reading.