What are Dynamic Search Ads?


What are Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic Search ads are one of the newest additions to Google’s Adwords Manager. Dynamic Adverts offer an easier way for advertisers to target a larger group, with less work in keyword research. Dynamic Search Ads aim to allow regular web masters and advertisers to promote their website using their existing data to find new customers. In this article we will go through what Dynamic Ads are, how they work, the benefits and of course the negatives.

Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic Searches Ads as we’ve said before, allow advertisers to use their existing content to help promote their website through targeted advertising. Other than this fact, they work much the same way as a regular Adwords search ad. By this I mean there is no visual difference to the users who will see the PPC advert. However, these adverts rely heavily on your current websites content, which brings us nicely onto our next point.

How do Search Ads Work?

Google Ads view your website and pick out frequently used terms that they class as important. They class terms in heading texts, meta tags, alt tags and frequently used phrases throughout the website as important. This is very similar to how on-site SEO works, which means that you need to have a pretty good website in order to yield the most benefits from this service. 

If you’re selling tiger toys and your website is all about tiger toys. Setting up a Dynamic Search Ad for this landing page, as someone searches for ‘tiger toys’, Google Ads will automatically place your advert to the top of this list. It will also do this for related terms, such as ‘cuddly tiger toys’, for example. Do remember however, your text is still used for the description of the advert, so make sure it is all relevant.

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A Different Kind of PPC

So you might be thinking that this could mean you end up spending a lot more money on terms that you don’t feel are necessary. This can of course happen, but this happens naturally with keyword research anyway. It is important to understand that you will still only pay your max budget and you can see the keywords picked out on your behalf before hand.

Dynamic Advert Benefits

There are a whole bunch of reasons to using this service. We’ve listed a few below to help you better understand if this is right for you. 

  • Reach a wider audience – With dynamic adverts your PPC campaigns are more likely to reach a wider audience. This is because the advert itself is learning and developing to better target users and keywords. 
  • Faster – These PPC adverts can be a lot faster to set up. There is no need for mapping out keywords to use. Google takes this information directly from your website. 
  • Automatically updated – As we said before Google Ads automatically update to ensure your advert is reaching out to the best audience possible.
  • Dynamic Headers – One area we haven’t mentioned is Dynamic Headers, Google Ads update your header to make it more targeted, helping drive up click through rates.

Dynamic Advert Negatives

Dynamic Search Adverts are not for everyone, sometimes it is best to do it the old fashion way. Here are a few reasons they might not be right for you. 

  • If you’ve never looked at SEO – These adverts use your current websites structure and content to understand who you should be marketing towards. If your website isn’t optimised, then chances are you won’t get any clear targeting. (We always recommend sorting out your SEO before looking at PPC). 
  • If your website changes a lot – Because Google Adverts use the data from your website it needs a sturdy base to understand who an advert should be targeting.
  • For first time use – Although Google Dynamic Search Adverts are very user-friendly, we recommend trying out a manual advert first to understand the whole process. This gives you more ability to control the Dynamic Advert once it is live.

Dynamic Search Ad Conclusion

These can be a very valuable asset to use, especially if you’re running a small company and don’t have the time to set up PPC campaigns for yourself. By using this tool you can speed up the process and potentially reach a larger audience. However, if your site isn’t optimised towards keywords or a particular market then it can really miss out. Our recommendation to you would be, optimise your website first, ensure your ranking for some researched terms. Once you start seeing organic traffic from this then you can try out Dynamic Adverts. If you don’t want to try SEO, then set up a manual PPC campaign. Just remember to not forget about Quality Score

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