What are Crawl Bots?


What Are Crawl Bots?

One question you might be asking yourself is how do search engines, such as Google actually find a website? The answer to that is very simpleu2026 Crawl Bots. But what those little bots do is a bit more complicated.

So what do they actually do? Crawl Bots travel throughout the internet indexing websites and jumping to other sites through links. These bots are one of the biggest parts of SEO and most SEO strategies focus on them. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and to give you a very brief definition of what it is, SEO is optimising a website to rank higher on search engines, (basically just as the name suggests).

In this article, I will talk about Crawl Bots, what they are, how they work and what to do to keep them happy.

How do Crawl Bots work?

Cawl Bots travel throughout the internet jumping from link to link indexing websites. Looking for the key parts of web pages, such as H1 (heading 1) text, images, keywords throughout the content and so on. Itu2019s important to use keywords and potential search terms that relate to a webpage, this will help with rankings. Keywords and search terms will be saved for another article, however.

Going more back to basics, when a search into google takes place information on the number of results and the time taken for these results appears. Such as the image above, this information is how quickly Google has gone through and found 3.2 million results in 0.40 seconds. Google has searched itu2019s whole indexing archive to find 3.2 million potential results for those 3 words.

The importance of it all

Itu2019s important to understand how important they are. Without a website being indexed by these bots, it wonu2019t appear in any search results. If a webpage is not set up correctly to keep these bots happy, such as lacking keyword content and so on, it wonu2019t rank highly or at all for that desired term.


As we now know these bots travel from link to link, because of this good internal link architecture is a must. By this I mean a website should be set up with pages that are linked together well. But how do you get the bots to find your website in the first place? Well, the first is to recommend an index from the search engine, but the best way is to build backlinks. Backlinks are links on other websites that link directly back to the main website. By having these backlinks a site will be indexed more often, meaning changes will be seen sooner. Weu2019ll talk about backlinks in more detail in another article.

Keep Crawl Bots Happy

Keeping these little bots happy is very important like I previously mentioned. But what is the best way to keep them happy? These are the main things Google themselves recommend:

  • Good Content
  • Keyword Optimised
  • Little or No 404 Errors (page not found)
  • Backlinks

The main thing recommended is to create good engaging content. These bots have been set up with an algorithm to rank good content top. So focusing on good content, that reads well and has good quality links, is the best way to start and go on.


It is important to produce good content, often. When these bots visit a site they donu2019t want to be met with the same content as before. We all now know how they work, and the aim will now be to build more backlinks, (links coming back to a site). Being indexed more often means changes will be seen sooner and ranking movements will happen faster. The biggest conclusion from this article is to focus on creating a great site which is focused around ranking high for set keywords.

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