Website Bulder vs Code

website builder vs code

Creating a new website in 2019 is a bit different from how it was 10 years ago. Back in the mid-2000s to create a good website you had to pay a website developer to code you a (most likely PHP) website. This often took a long time and the results weren’t particularly great upon reflection. However, it’s now 2019, and the way we create content for the internet has changed. We now have the ability to use website builders to create our website. But, are these website builders actually better than a fully self-coded website?

In this article, we will be looking at the pros and cons of coding a website and of using a website builder to create your website.

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Coding a Website

When coding a website a website developer needs a few things in order to get off the ground. The first thing they need is in-depth knowledge of coding languages like PHP, HTML, JScript and CSS. Each one of these languages helps bring together a full website.

The Basics of How a Coded Website Works

To break it down a little bit, the basic construction of a website is with HTML, this builds the basic content and structure of the site. Mix HTML with CSS, and you can start to build the style of the website. Creating a CSS file will allow the user to create pre-made styles, and this essentially tells the HTML how to look. When you’re happy with the websites content and style, you need to add some functionality to the site, this is where JScript comes in. Now that everything is here, the next step is to mix it all together with PHP.

Why you Should Code a Website

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider coding a website yourself. But to make this article fairly simple and easy to read I’ve broken them down into 5 points:

  1. Your Website is Yours – If you have the ability and time to create your own coded website, you’re able to make it to your exact needs.
  2. No Costs – Again, if you are able to create the website, there really aren’t any costs involved, you don’t need to buy any software for your website you just need hosting and a domain.
  3. Optimise it Your Way – In terms of SEO, you’re able to make the website optimised to your needs. You know exactly where everything is in the code, meaning you can change it a lot faster and easier than the alternative.
  4. Security – As it is all yours, you can make sure the security of the website is top notch. No one can access the website, no one but you knows the code behind it, meaning that its a lot harder to hack into (but still possible as nothing is un-hackable).
  5. Custom – If it’s your website, your design and your code, no one else is going to have it. This gives you the custom edge, no one else is going to have the same layout to you or the same content.
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Maybe you shouldn’t Code your Website?

As with most things life, there tends to be a negative side. So let’s run through a little list of why coding your own website is so 2007.

  1. Knowledge – If you don’t have the ability or knowledge to write in code, then you’re simply not going to be able to do it. Meaning that all those positives I mentioned earlier, kind of go out of the window.
  2. Time – If you can do it yourself, or even if you’re paying for someone to create your website, it takes a lot of time. There isn’t really a quick turn around for this type of build, most projects can take months to complete.
  3. Price – If you are paying for someone to create the website for you, it is going to cost quite a fair bit. In the region of £7,500 – £10,000.
  4.  Hard to Update – If there isn’t a well known CMS, which there probably won’t be, it can be difficult to update. Meaning that blogging and SEO might suffer.
  5. User-experience – If someone has created the website on your behalf they might not have thought about the user-experience. You might find it difficult to change the simplest of things. Meaning you’re forced to always use a developer to make these changes.

Website Builders

Website builders are something that I have a love-hate relationship with. I love them for the ease of use and there ability to make a website very quickly and make it look very good. But I hate them because when someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing uses them they tend to make a pretty shoddy looking website.

Oh, and just to make a point, these website builders I am talking about in this article, are not tools like Wix or SquareSpace. I mean plugins for WordPress like Elementor** and Divi**.

Web Builders History

Website builders came about in the mid-’90s, 1994 to be exact. Not long after the creation of HTML, the first web builders came about to improve the development of websites. This company was called World Wide Web Consortium, and they are in terms of the internet, the first website builder.

The development of better HTML, with the change to HTML5, website builders have rather dramatically improved. But as with most things they’re not perfect, and in this little section, we’ll explain what World Wide Web Consortium got right and what they didn’t get so right.

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Yes for Website Builders?

As we know now, website builders have been around since the dawn of the internet. So here is why you should be using a website builder.

  1. Fast – The use of website builders has halved the time it takes to create a website. Within one day a semi-skilled developer can create a single page website.
  2. Affordable (in the most part) – Although there is still a cost involved, it is rather small compared to the cost of coding for example. Normally around £50 for the software per year, it is hardly going to break the bank.
  3. User-friendly – This software is very user-friendly, meaning that most people within the internet will be able to develop a fairly good looking website.
  4. Easily Updated – Thanks to that user-friendly part, a website can be very easily updated by most users. Meaning that adding a new blog/page is something that you will not need to pay a developer for, especially if there is a running theme throughout the website.
  5. Create Great Websites – If you have some skills in development, you can create a fairly good looking website. That will be way beyond what someone 5 years ago would have been able to code.

Why You Shouldn’t User Web Builders

Website builders are not all perfect, there are a few things that mean that website builders are not the be all and end all of website development. Here is a quick list of why website builders might not be the best idea for your site.

  1. Code Still Required – Unfortunately for a lot of users, in order to get the best results from your website builder, coding is still required. If you want to make a website that looks and works great, you still need to know the basics of CSS and HTML.
  2. Limited Abilities – Without the basic coding knowledge there are limitations. You might have to use only their widgets, meaning that the website can only go so far.
  3. Can be Costly For More Function – If you do want to add more widgets, you might have to pay quite a bit. Although the general function is around £50 per year, it can be a lot more expensive to add more function to it, maybe even tripled.
  4. Slow Down the Site – All of these heavy web builder plugins can really slow down the site. Especially if you are adding a bunch more widgets. Be conscious of how many plugins your site has.
  5. Become Reliant – If your website is solely built around website builders you can become reliant on them, and this could be a nightmare if they increase their price or no longer update their plugins.

Website Builder Vs Coding Conclusion

To wrap up this article in a nice neutral conclusion, I would like to recommend the use of both. If you’re looking to build your own website, definitely think about using a website builder, they can make the life of developing a lot easier. But, you do need to know the basics of code in order to add the custom edge to your site. It is important that you understand how everything works, or you might find yourself too reliant on these.

If you’re a website developer, I would also recommend using website builders, but again your job is to be a dev, so make sure you know how the code works and how to design a site that looks better than your customer could have made.

If you are looking for a website developer, get in contact with Channel Creative, we will be more than happy to chat through the project.