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Looking for a Website Development Company in Northampton?

If you’re searching for a website development company in Northampton, we’re here to help. Our website development team create websites that are bespoke to every business we work with. Impress your potential customers through a mobile first website and add a new exciting element to your digital marketing plan.

Website Development

Invest in a Digital Focused Marketing Strategy

A website is the anchor point for all your digital marketing strategies. It’s the area you direct customers to for them to find out more information, contact you or convert into a sale. We pride ourselves on creating a digital marketing solution for our clients, by not only providing user-friendly websites but a combination of SEO performance and CRO focus. Your website will not only work well but will be actively working for you.

Why Our Web Development Agency?

Over our years of experience within the web application domain, we’ve worked on a variety of web and mobile developments. We are tried and tested and ready to provide our web development services to you and your company.

Our Website Development Process

Website development is a process-led service. Our website development team knows that having a set strategy and plan in place enables us to not only meet your needs and wants from a website, but also to maintain deadlines and meet your goals. Here is our typical process for website development.


The information gathering stage sets the tone and the pace for all of the other steps. It’s a crucial start to the process, as it gives us a clear understanding of what you want and need from your website. Not only that, we also look to find out more information about the design, engagement and content requirements of the website. This process also gives us time to meet your website designers and content providers to understand how they envision the website will look and work.

The functionality available between different websites is almost endless, and whatever you can imagine is most likely possible (time and budget depending of course). As part of our website development process, we factor these functionality-based requirements into our plan and timescale.

What if I don’t have a Website Designer?

We have a team of incredible website designers to help you put your ideas onto paper and then screen. We also have a team of content writers, graphic designers and video creators to meet all the possible needs you and your website may have.

Depending on the elements, this section can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks.


Within Step 2, we create the sitemap and wireframes of the pages. This is the first stage in creating a visual representation of the website, allowing you and your team to understand how the website will look, feel and flow.

Based on this first stage, we’ll implement all the pages and their requirements into a diagram that will give us the first representation of the site architecture. It outlines the relationship different pages will have with one another. From an SEO point of view, it will also be used for planning a content siloing strategy.

How is the sitemap different from the wireframe?

The sitemap provides you with a visual representation of the site layout, but doesn’t show the inner structure of those pages. This is where the wireframe comes into play. The wireframe outlines the inner design of the page. It’s typically a very simple example of how a page will look with elements outlined in boxes as they will be developed into the site later.

Once the sitemap and wireframe have been created, we’ll typically sit down with you and explain the process and the user-ability of the site.

We’ll then ask for approval to move on to actively creating live pages and the theme as a whole. Wireframes are much easier to edit and update than a live page.

This section can take anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks depending on the number of changes and elements that need to be created.


Within Step 3, we’ll start developing actual pages on the CMS. We can work on several different CMS platforms ranging from our most popular (WordPress), to a specific CMS like Shopify. Your website will begin to take shape, and we’ll provide you with a link to keep an eye on the process.

We’ll start developing basic content and images, producing a more detailed and realistic view of the website. We’ll create one page with all the elements, such as fonts, colours, animations and layout, which will provide a base for feedback. Once we know you’re fully happy with the progress, we can move forward to other pages.

What if the content isn’t ready yet?

At this point we don’t need all the site content or images. We just need the design, and we can take it from there.

This step can take around 4 – 6 weeks.


By now, we will have a very nice looking webpage and a few empty pages. At this point, we will need to receive the website content, including call to actions, meta information, images and text. We’ll then start assembling your content into the website.

Providing the content as early as possible is great as it allows us to move through this step quickly and start on the really complicated stuff.

Can you help with optimised content?

Content is crucial within a website. Not only does it inform the reader, it also helps drive conversions and support SEO. We’re more than happy to go through your content to ensure it’s optimised for specific keywords and helps lead users into conversions.

This process takes around 4 – 6 weeks


We’ve got the pages set up, your content in, and the website is looking pretty good. But, there are a few more things that need to take place before we can be sure it’s ready to face the big wide world. Any functionality elements will need to be created and developed at this point. Some aspects of this may have been added in the previous steps; if so, this is where we’ll finish it off.

We’ll be developing everything from autoplaying video backgrounds, Lottie file animations or links between other CRM systems and the websites. Within this section, we’ll be testing lots of elements and ensuring everything is running smoothly and fits in with the design of the website.

We’ll also be working on making sure the website is built to best SEO standards by adding meta information, alt tags, links within texts and optimising anchor texts. We’ll also begin our speed optimisation, making sure the website is fast and responsive.

What if I want an Ecommerce store?

We’ll have gathered this information in the very earliest parts of the project and created the platform during Step 4. Within Step 5, we’ll add in the final elements, the checkout page and test the payment gateways.

Depending on the website size, this part can take anywhere from 4 – 8 weeks.


You wouldn’t launch a ship into the ocean without making sure it floats, and we wouldn’t put a website live without making sure it works. Every link, webpage, function and content will be checked to confirm it’s working to the best possible standard. The testing step is crucial and ensures your website represents your brand well and to its truest extent.

What about mobile?

All our websites are built mobile first unless advised otherwise, as we’re finding the majority of our clients’ customers and potential customers are viewing websites through their phones. Google and other search engines also work on a mobile first approach, meaning if your website is amazing as a mobile website, you’re far more likely to rank well.

Once we’re happy and you’re happy with the website, it’s time to launch. This can be as simple as turning off a ‘Coming Soon Page’ through to transferring website files via an FTP and SQL database. Again, this will have been discussed during Step 1.

Testing, changes and launch takes anywhere from 2 – 5 weeks.


Websites shouldn’t stand still and they should never stop developing. Keeping the site up to date, running smoothly and providing user based content is the best way to make sure a website is providing the maximum benefit to you and your company.

We’re very confident in our websites and their user-ability. Most clients don’t require a maintenance contract because the sites are very easy to care for. We’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need to maintain your site, and if you need it, we’re here to help.

What about ongoing SEO?

If you’re looking for further support around search engine optimisation, we’re more than happy to provide you with our monthly SEO services. Find out more information about this on our SEO page here.

There isn’t really a timeline for this section, but we recommend maintaining your site weekly and updating plugins and themes whenever they’re needed. This helps keep the site fast and secure.

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