The Importance of Content


Are you overlooking your content?

A website needs to have good quality content to make any grounds in the digital game. In terms of sales, ROI and marketing a website can be one of the most effective investments a company can make. But without well written and planned content it can be a massive waste of time.

So how do you make sure your content is focused well enough that it will drive up sales and also improve SEO and PPC? In this article, we will go through why content is important and what can be done to improve it.

Types of content?

Content comes in many forms, written content, images and videos are the main. When it comes to the basic and most widely used throughout websites, written content is king. For social media images and videos are most effective. With this article, we will mostly focus on written content and how to get the best optimisation from this written content. However, video and images are very popular on social media and trends can be easily started and joined with this content.

When it comes to written content on websites, firstly you have page content. This is the content that fills web pages and typically is aimed towards improving conversions and informing potential customers. When it comes to more updated content, blogs are typically where frequent content writing comes into play.

What does this mean for your site?

If you’re looking to rank highly on search engines and also looking to improve website conversions this should mean a lot to you. If a website is willing to focus on improving their written webpage content they will see improvements in SEO and also direct sales from their site. If they’re also willing to post engaging and well-written article or blog post every week they will see massive improvements in their SEO.

Try to write content for the reading age of a 12-year-old in order to meet certain criteria for search engines. Using tools like the Hemingway Appare great ways to check content. If your site is based on WordPress you could also use Yoast, but I must stress to not rely on this tool to heavily.  

Find out more about improving your website for crawl bots on our previous article and understand how updated content can improve SEO.


Keywords in your article can be the main reason your article and website rank for search terms. Researching potential keywords and writing articles for these terms can dramatically improve search engine ranking. But these keywords shouldn’t just be used in blog and article content, they should be used throughout the site.

Writing the content of a page based around key terms will improve the ranking for that term and also improve the reader’s relevancy to the topic they’re looking for. Read our full article on keywords here.


To conclude this article, content should be looked into often. A page or a blog effects conversions and SEO, making sure content is written often, if possible weekly and using key terms throughout the blog or webpage is a sure way of improving SEO and also conversions from your site.

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