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Improve Social Media Advertising

We should all know what social media is, but do we all know about Social Media Advertising? Let’s find out.

Going straight to basics, for those that don’t know what social media is and the benefits of it are. Social media is a website or an application (app) that allows users to connect, create and share content within their network. For a business social media is a great way to build new customers, keep existing customers informed and to improve sales.

Now we know what social media is, what is social media advertising? Well, to put it bluntly, it is advertising content through social media channels. Putting the advertisers content in front of users that match their target market, these users would not typically see the advertisers content.

The Benefits & Negatives of Social Media Advertising

There are a lot of benefits of advertising through social media channels, I have gone ahead and listed a few below:


– A huge potential audience that could purchase in one click
– Extremely trackable
– Relatively well priced
– Content can gather traction very quickly improving reach
– Improve website traffic, in turn, improving SEO
– Very targetable
– Improves engagement


-Without proper research, investments can be wasted
– Opens advertiser up to embarrassment
– Social media moves quickly so promotions are quickly forgotten

Improving Advertising

The Social Media Channel

When creating a campaign it is important to look at every option. Through time and experience, an advertiser will learn which channels work the best for themselves. By channels, I mean Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and so on. For myself I’ve found that Facebook has worked very well for the previous projects I have worked on, however, that is because the industries I’ve worked in have been typically b2c.

The Advert & Landing Page

The Advert itself needs to be engaging. There is no point spending £100 on an advert that will not gather traction on its own for example. Using photos and even better, using videos to improve the reach of an advert. When linking back to a website, make sure the landing page is relevant to the advert and make the conversion point easy to reach. I’ve spoken about landing pages and the importance of them in a previous article which you can read here.

Conversions & Tracking

As I have just mentioned a landing page needs to have a conversion point. Let’s set a scene, the advert has been successful so far, it has reached the right target market, a click-through has taken place and that user is now on a landing page. Give that user the option to purchase straight away will improve conversions. The conversion point should be located on the page after the check out has happened, typically on the ‘Thank You’ page.

Carrying on with tracking, online advertisement has a huge trackability and this should be utilised in social media advertising. Tracking users click through your website is possible and gives insight into what can be changed to improve conversion rates.


Online advertising is most likely going to be the future of advertising, however, it’s important to look at what advertising options best suit the advertiser’s needs. Social media can be great for increasing engagement, but it’s ineffective for more traditional b2b industries, such as engineering.

The best advice I can give to improve advertising performance is to track everything and adapt campaign strategies around the results. If you only take one thing from this article I would recommend this be it.

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