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Need A Technical SEO Audit?

Technical SEO Audit

Is it time to look under the bonnet?

Identifying and fixing website technical issues is one of the first steps to improving your search rankings. Within any technical SEO audit service we’d look to dive deep into your website to find and diagnose issues and create solutions. Many of these issues might not even be visible to you or your users but could be having serious ramifications to your site.
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Get a free mini audit to understand your current keywords, rankings, traffic, competitors and potential growth.

Website Health

Website health is a critical step in any SEO strategy. Although content is king, the user experience and website performance around that content can be holding your site back. Our SEO audits cover a full spectrum of technical areas that will greatly improve your on-page SEO.

Improving Your Website


We assess the foundations that make up your website, including everything from how your website is indexing, whether the pages are easily crawled and how they are being seen by search engines.


We look at the page architecture of your site to create a link map. By working through all of your internal links we can create new, more efficient pathways.


We then look through the fundamentals of page rankings, meta descriptions, titles, slugs, alt tags and heading tags.


Website audits are a big part of any SEO service plan. An SEO audit is a powerful and comprehensive tool that allows us to understand your website in more detail, from current content issues through to major pitfalls within link structure and meta information.


We analyse your content checking for duplicate content, 301 redirects, content quality and length, anchor text and keywords to ensure it provides high-quality information to users.


Finally, we research your site speed and its core web vitals. This can be one of the best methods for a fast and effective increase in search engine rankings.

Your Site Your Rules

We have a team of in-house developers ready to make the changes whilst we perform our professional SEO audit services. However, if you already have your own team of developers we’re more than happy to work with them to ensure you get exactly what you want.

We provide a full list of easy to follow changes whether you have a team or not. We’re fully transparent and keep our clients in the loop at all times.

Our Rules

We’re a professional SEO agency with a fast-growing collection of clients. Because of this, we have rules we work by. If we have an ongoing SEO contract with a client we can not work in the same industry as that client. This prevents work from being biased and allows us to stay neutral. We also can not perform an SEO audit within the same industry as another client for at least 6 months.

What Do You Get As Part of Our SEO Audit Services?

As well as the full SEO audit, you’ll also receive a folder of off-site SEO information. You’ll also receive keyword research aligned to individual pages or products, a backlink audit and a content plan for 12 months. This will give you the tools and information to go forth and conquer your market.

SEO Audit
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Want More?

All of our monthly SEO clients receive a full audit as part of their contract. We implement the changes and work from the 12 month SEO strategy. To find out more about our monthly SEO services, click the link below.

Anything We Missed?

If you have some questions or need some more support checkout out our FAQ’s. Or get in contact with us.

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