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PPC costs

PPC cost


PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of digital advertising. As with any advert, PPC costs money to perform. It’s different from most other forms of advertising due to variation in cost and its traceability. Search terms and location effect PPC costs.

Different search terms have different competition and different demand. PPC is larger than just search ads, but search ads are the most popular form. This is when an advertiser pays to have an ad at the top of a search result.

How are PPC costs worked out? In this article, we will go through this and how to get the most out of a PPC budget. This article will also break down why an agency charges what it does for running a campaign.

What is the Cost of PPC?

PPC Costs Calculated

As mentioned PPC costs/prices aren’t fixed. The costs of advertising change depending on the adverts placement. A location at the top of a popular search term like ‘web design’ with 18,000 monthly searches cost £9.73 per click. When a less popular term like ‘Wordpress Nottingham’ with 10 monthly searches only costs £1.38 per click.

There are many tools at there that will provide information on search terms. These tools will provide information on cost per click, alternative terms and monthly search totals. Tools like Google Keyword Planner for example.

When an advertiser is working out the best terms to advertise on they need to think of the budget. How much are they able to spend per click and how many days will they be advertising for. Being smart about the terms used will benefit more than paying £100 for a single day on a highly competitive term.

Real PPC Cost

Obviously, there is the main cost of advertising, which is the cost of the advert. However, breaking down the cost of PPC even more. The time taken for research, the development of landing pages and the development of the advert all have an impact on PPC cost.

Channel Creative charge on average £250 per month for running a PPC campaign. Breaking down the value of a business owners time. How many more hours will a business owner spend working out how to get the most from their advert than an expert? An agency like Channel Creative knows exactly what works well. With research, optimisation and reporting we are able to get the most from a budget. Paying for an agency might seem expensive but in the long run gains more value for money.

Get More for Less

There is an algorithm that works out the PPC costs as we’ve previously mentioned. There are ways to get more for less however. Each time a PPC campaign starts a budget is set. This budget plays a part in a bidding competition for placement on a page. However, this placement is not only worked out on budget. The quality of the link is also a factor on the placement. A high-quality ad with a low budget can rank higher than a high budget low-quality ad. Checkout this infographic for a visual on this.

WordStream – How Much Does Google Ads Cost? 

The advertiser should not overlook this when creating their PPC campaign. It is a great way to reduce the PPC costs, but the hidden costs of research and optimisation aren’t added into this. Hence why hiring an expert is more worthwhile than one might think.

PPC Costs Conclusion

So, to round up this article. PPC costs aren’t as simple as a fixed price. They are bases on an algorithm and should be researched before deciding a daily budget. Keywords come into play with PPC costs, and the choice of terms used will affect the costs. Make sure to consider the hidden PPC Costs. Working out the value of time used in comparison to hiring an expert. Lastly, to save money, perform in-depth research into creating an advert. Understand how the budget is being spent and how to get the best results is in important when it comes to PPC campaigns.

For more information on PPC check out our SEO blog page here. Our PPC blog is the place to go for all our tips and tricks. For more information on pay per click get in contact with Channel Creative with the button below.