Is SEO Worth it?

Is SEO Worth it?


One of the most common questions we get asked, ‘is SEO worth it?’ The simple answer to this is… yes. SEO in recent years has shown a huge amount of benefits to almost anyone with a website. The power to drive organic traffic to your site has never been more important. But a few companies that we have spoken to recently haven’t seen the true power of SEO and have asked us is SEO worth it? In this article we will go through why SEO is worth it, how it compares to its alternatives in generating traffic and also go through how much it should cost. There are, of course, negative points of SEO and we will go through them as well, but for the short version of this article, SEO is worth it.
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What SEO can do For Your Business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, it is essentially optimising your website around algorithms created by search engines. What this really means for anyone in business is that your website, where you should have a ton of information and persuade users into buying products or services, can be at the top of search results relating to those products/services.

More Traffic

The first thing that SEO can do is generate more traffic, we will go more into what types of traffic further on in the article. To start with however, it generates traffic by making your website more prominent on search results. More traffic leads to an increase in enquiries that can convert into sales. Known as organic traffic as the traffic is not through Pay Per Click (PPC) or direct advertising.

A Better General Site

SEO has changed in recent years from being a dark art of making a website optimised for keywords by spamming their use, shady tactics and bad backlinks. Now SEO is all about giving the user the best experience, through the use of great content and better general websites. Because of this, your site will naturally need to be better in order to rank. Therefore, your website and conversion rate will be better. Check out this article on how SEO has changed over the past 10 years.

More Power

With better SEO your website and therefore your business has more power within the market. Your location on search engines may hold more power than you originally thought. Being first for a key market term means changes you make in regards to trends hold more weight. Even if your business is not the trend setter, being first gives the unconscious thought that you are the largest, most trusted and hold the most power within a market.
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How to do SEO?

Is SEO worth? In almost all cases SEO is worth it. Even without a budget for marketing, you can improve your SEO. Improvements in SEO can still happen, even without great SEO Knowledge as well. Especially if there is little competition within your market for keywords. There is obviously a high probability that hiring and expert will yield better results, but it’s still worth looking at yourself.

Onsite SEO

There are two types of SEO to think about if you are looking at doing it for yourself. Onsite which is everything that happens on your site and offsite. We will look at onsite in this section. Onsite is as we’ve previously stated everything that happens on your website. From blog posts, general page layout all the way through to how you write Meta Tags. The below tips can really help generate more traffic and improve SEO to yield great results.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is crucial for anyone looking to do SEO. For this you simply need to use a few tools like Google Keyword Planner and the free version of MOZ. From this you can work out the basics for what keywords you should try and rank for. More in-depth experts would look for short and long tail keywords. But for basics just look for those short term.

Page Layout & Content

Layout is more important than you think. Page creation, location and the use of your heading tags is so important. Content is now more important than ever as well and your website needs to create great content to stand out. The content needs to be around those keywords that you researched before.

Meta Tags & Alt Tags

This is sometimes seen as an outdated SEO tactic but can be the difference between ranking 3rd and ranking 1st. Use those keywords in your meta tags and in alt tags. This can not only help in ranking, but also help persuade a user to come to your site rather than your competitor. Check out this article for the full background on what Meta Tags are****.

Offsite SEO

Offsite is a whole other side of SEO that relates to everything that happens off your website that links back to it. Here is a great article we have written on Backlinks, Backlinks Intro. This is all about what your website relates to, to put it in perspective search engines don’t just look at your website they also look at all the websites that claim to be friends with your site. Like how in the real world you might be judge on the friends you hang around with, a bad bunch of friends might create the wrong and impression of you and visa versa.


Backlinks are all links coming back to your website, they are by far the biggest part of Offsite SEO and the quality and quantity of these links is the way that any website ranks highly on competitive key terms. There are plenty of ways to find what websites link through to your site, like using this Backlink Checker.

Finding Links & Link Building

Finding links and building these is crucial to have any sort of impact with Offsite SEO. Competitor and market research is a great way to find potential links, cleaning through this data is very important to prevent bad links. research into what sort of impact these links have on your website is crucial. Websites like Monitor Backlinks can really help with building great links that will bring a positive impact through to your website. Once you’ve found the links you now need to build them up into actually linking to your website, the best way of doing this is with great content. Use this content to reach out to these website and feature in guest blogs and guest articles.

Tip of the Iceberg

Is SEO worth it? If you’re prepared to do the strategies mentioned you will see real growth in your rankings. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg on the requirements for improving website rankings. If you’re looking for a great company to help get you going with your SEO get in contact with Channel Creative using the button below.
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The Cost of SEO

SEO in theory brings organic traffic, organic referring to unpaid and untampered with traffic. However, typically a webmaster will pay someone for their time to improve their websites SEO. Take into account this and the content creation side SEO does indeed have a cost.


Do it yourself SEO can bring more cost than if you were to pay an expert to do the services for you. To perform those items we mentioned early in the blog and also to create great content can take anywhere from 8 hours (for someone with SEO Experience) – 20 hours (without experience) a month. The average price in the UK for an SEO Expert is typically £250 a month (without content creation), so it comes down to whether or not your time is as valuable as that?

SEO Expert Costs

As previously mentioned a typical price for an SEO expert is around £250 per month. We’ve actually written a great article on the True Costs of SEO, which will be coming soon. But the long and short of that article is that SEO is cheaper if you pay someone to do it for you. We’re obviously biased as we’re an SEO company. Speaking of Channel Creative, get in contact with us using the button below for any SEO needs #plug.
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SEO and PPC have always been in competition as they’re both competing for location on search engine results. But in this section of the article we will go through the difference and why SEO is in many ways better and worse than PPC. .

Quality Visitors

SEO brings through organic visitors, visitors that have search for results and have come across a website without causing any cost for the website owners. Non-organic traffic is the opposite, these are visitors that have come through search results and have charged the website owners for their click. Paying for location can reduce the quality of the links, due to adverts locations being on less relevant terms. Meaning that those paid for clicks don’t always relate 100% to what the search result is referring to. Good PPC management can prevent this, but for most user levels this is something that will happen quite often. SEO traffic is generally considered better traffic as their website is judge by search engines more thoroughly, meaning that the website only appears on results that fully relate to the key term.

The Cost Difference

Pay Per Click has ‘pay’ in its name for a reason. Pay Per Click charges the advertiser something every time a user clicks a link. Meaning that the cost for Pay Per Click not only involves the agency fee to run a successful PPC campaign, but also means they have to pay for the advertising as well. For competitive key terms, this can sometimes be around £5 – £10 per click. Agency fees for PPC can be anywhere from £150 – £750 per month.

More Traffic

Optimisation for a website can only be for a few terms, this is why there are limitation for SEO traffic and keyword research is so important. Using short and long tail keywords is a way of increasing the number, but there will always be more option for PPC as the website doesn’t need to be as optimised for those key terms. Meaning that PPC will bring in far more website traffic than the majority of SEO campaigns. This is something to think about, especially if your website is working on very competitive terms.

Is SEO Worth it? Lets Conclude

SEO in our opinion is very much worth it! Bringing more people through to a website, increasing exposure and standing out more than your competition is very important. It does take time, and can often become more competitive over time, but it’s important to start soon. Gain that traction for page ranking as soon as possible before your competitors do. SEO is worth it if you’re doing it yourself or paying for an expert to do it on your behalf. The results in most cases is, better content, more traffic and more sales, and who doesn’t like more sales? For more information on SEO and to speak to our experts on SEO get in contact with us using the button below. Is SEO worth it? If this hasn’t convinced you, get in touch!