Check Domain Authority Score

check domain authority score


Domain Authority Score is a tool created by a company called MOZ. Created to help web masters score their website to better understand how search engines would view their site. In this article we will be looking at what domain authority is, who are MOZ, why it’s important and how to check your domain authority score.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a tool that helps you understand how good your website is in the eyes of search engines. Rated out of 100, this score takes into account a lot of different aspects that all make up the quality of your website and its links.

How is the Score Calculated?

Calculated by taking into account a number of different areas it believes Google (and other search engines) use in their rankings. As we know, Google uses an algorithm to work out where a website should rank for certain search results. Some of the areas taken into account are listed below:

  • Backlinks Site quality (including content)
  • Your outbound links
  • The quality of the content around the links
  • The quality of the backlinking website (Using their DA score)
  • Linking root domains

Why is Domain Authority Score Important?

This score in many cases actually isn’t super important, it is a tool to help you understand how you compare to your competitors. Google and other search engines don’t actually use this to rank websites. However, it has come to be the most highly respected scoring system that is as close to the actual algorithm. If you’re scoring well on MOZ’s score then you’re more likely to rank better.

credit – Link Explorer, by MOZ

Who Are MOZ?

MOZ is a software company that first started in 2004. They started with selling inbound marketing and marketing analytics software. Throughout the years MOZ has invested heavily in researching search engines to keep on top of their algorithms. By doing this they have stayed current and are now considered the industry standard for search engine software. In fact a lot of other software companies use MOZ’s scoring system or an alteration of it to help their customers.

Why use MOZ?

MOZ is a very good tool for anyone in digital marketing. It provides a comprehensive research platform that allows you to go head on with SEO with backed up researched and tools. However, MOZ isn’t the only great company out there, there are actually plenty of great software developers that offer a very similar product. Companies like SEMRush, AHref and so on, so don’t think you have to use MOZ, check out other platforms and see what you like.

credit – things to know about MOZ

How to Check Your Domain Authority Score?

Now we’re into the nitty gritty of how to check your domain authority score. The simple answer to this question would be to get MOZ. But as mentioned before there are a bunch of different places to find out this score.

Other Places to Find Your Domain Authority Score

You can find out your Domain Authority Score by using websites like SEMRush or you can use free tools like Small SEO Tools. Some of these tools can be free, which is fantastic if you’re looking to perform SEO for one website. However if you’re looking at potential backlink opportunities and want to understand a large selection of website DA scores, then it might be worth investing in proper software.

Ways To Improve your Domain Authority Score

So as we mentioned before Domain Authority score is not used by Google, but if your score is higher, chances are Google (and other search engines) will rank you higher. So the best way to do this is to acquire great new backlinks, produce awesome content and generally keep your site popular with links. Search Engines care about user experience, so surround your website with great outbound and inbound links, and offer the user the best experience.

Domain Authority Conclusion

To sum up Domain Authority, think of it as a mock exam. The score doesn’t actually have an impact on your end result, but if you do well in your mock exam chances are you’ll do well in the real one. Use this score to better understand your current SEO position and try and improve on the score over time. Chances are with a new website/domain name your score is going to be pretty low, because it hasn’t made any sort of authority with the domain. Keep pushing great backlinks and content and you’ll soon build up a lot of traction.

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