Does Youtube Help SEO?

Does Youtube Help SEO?

Does Embedding a Youtube Video Help SEO? 

When looking to get that edge online people often turn to videos. Videos are gaining increasing prominence, with Youtube the second most used searched engine. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have recently started using videos to compete with Youtube. But, does embedding a Youtube video help SEO? Can embedding a Youtube Video give you that extra push on search engines?

(For those of you who don’t want to read the full article, the simple answer is a complicated no). 

In this article, we’ll be looking deeper at what embedding a Youtube video can do for your SEO.

What is Youtube? 

Youtube is the biggest video streaming website in the world. Uploading and Hosting millions of videos every day. With such a massive viewership, it is no wonder individuals who post on this website can make £100,000’s each year, if not more. Youtube itself is a very simple concept. Users upload videos to the website, advertisers pay money to put their video adverts at the start, middle and end of these videos, and the uploader gets paid from the advertiser. 

What is on Youtube? 

Youtube can host anything from explainer videos on how to fix a car, through to nature documentaries on tigers. Hence why it can be so popular to embed these videos on a website. If your website is all about tigers, you and your readers might find it a lot easier to watch a video on the matter, rather than writing a 10,000-word article on it. 

How to Embed a Youtube Video?

Embedding a Youtube video is incredibly easy. All you need to do is find your video. Click on the link icon, select embed, and copy and paste that code onto your website in an HTML format. If you’re working of WordPress, there is already a built-in option to embed a video directly into your blog or page.


Does Embedding a Youtube Video Help SEO? 

So now you know what Youtube is, you know how to embed a video and you hopefully should know a little bit about SEO. (if not, don’t worry, just read this little article and catch back up with us once you have). Now we can look at ‘does embedding a Youtube video help SEO?’. The simple answer is no. Embedding a Youtube video will not help your blog post fly up the rankings. However, it can help in other ways.

Benefits of Embedding a Video

In most cases your website visitors, especially if you run a blog, are looking for information quickly. Embedding a video is a very good way to give your visitors this information. 

As well as this, by embedding a video, especially if your site is already well optimised, you can start ranking for video-related searches. These are when a user clicks the ‘video’ option on Google. 

Conclusion: Does Embedding a Video Help SEO?

To be super simple and honest, it does not improve SEO. But, like most things on your website, it can have an indirect effect on your performance. It can help pull customers onto your website, improve your video search-related rankings and it can improve user ability of your site. Whilst all these things do not directly improve your SEO, when combined they can lead to a website with more traffic. 

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