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We provide a custom and professional SEO service in Corby. Assisting you in reaching a wider audience of potential clients and customers through Corby SEO. To find out more and gain more insight into SEO get in touch with us.

Our SEO Agency's Approach

Our approach to any SEO campaign is never the same. Every business and client we work with has their own goals, industry and challenges. It is our job to help achieve, grow within and overcome them.

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SEO is What We Do

We’re specialist in search engine optimisation and work to grow your online presence through search engines. Heres what we do:


All good projects start with research and a conversation. The aim is to get to know your type of business, your products or services, who you’re targeting and your current position. This typically takes place in a meeting, which allows us to openly discuss your current objectives. As well as your goals for the website and your marketing plan as a whole.


Breaking SEO down into the specific services and parts we can see how and why some websites do better than others. This is one of the most powerful tools to understanding your competitors. As we perform in-depth research to see why their rankings go up or down.

Within part 1, we’ll have asked for your list of main competitors. We’ll also develop our own list of competitors based on who ranks for our current and goal keywords. We’ll then research why they’re doing well or not so well and add this to our actionable SEO strategy.


By this point, we’ll have a good understanding of you and your competitors. Now is the time to look at who is buying your product or service. We’ll use the data gathered from the previous two parts to develop the best approach. This will be how we meet your customer’s needs on the search results page.


Website audits are a big part of any SEO service plan. An SEO audit is a powerful and comprehensive tool that allows us to understand your website in more detail. From current content issues through to major pitfalls within link structure and meta information.


All of the previous sections lead up to keyword research. By following a clear plan we develop an increasingly detailed understanding as we work through the various stages.

Keyword research is the catalyst for more traffic and is a detailed and complicated part of any SEO strategy. We use data such as traffic volume, relevancy, conversions and competition. As well as the website’s current positioning, to find the perfect keywords for your site.

We start at your current level with the goal of moving to more competitive terms as the website grows.


Site architecture relates to how your website links from one page to another. Within this part of Phase 1, we look to build a better flowing architecture. Creating a better user experience for both website users and crawl bots.


Onsite optimisation is all about improving the website from a technical point of view. Using the website audit, site architecture and keyword research, we can enhance the quality of your website. This can have a massive impact on the performance through the following steps:

  • New architecture layout
  • Optimisation of meta data
  • Improving anchor texts
  • Adding alt tags
  • Improving canonical tags
  • Updating robots.txt data
  • Creating 301 redirects where needed and removing old redirects
  • Improving sitemap condition
  • Improving front end code
  • Speed optimisation
  • Search Console Errors fixing


Content is crucial to any SEO agency strategy. The content on a web page adds relevancy to keywords that can build traffic. Within this stage, we will perform the following:

Remove Duplicate content

We’ll perform a duplicate content check on all the pages and add canonical or 301 redirect links where needed.

Optimise Current Content

Our team of copywriters work closely with our SEO experts to improve website copy. The goal of copy is to add relevancy to keywords. As well as to help persuade the user to take the next step into becoming a customer.


Backlinks are a crucial part of a website ranking factor. Large powerful websites can have millions of links, while smaller businesses may only have a few.

However, it’s not just about the quantity of links but also the quality. We build strong quality backlinks. Within our backlink analysis, we also audit the current backlinks. We do this to ensure they’re not spammy or negatively affecting the quality of your website.

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Need an SEO Audit?

We offer a free mini SEO audit to help you understand your site in more detail. If you’re interested fill in the details below.

Our SEO Services In Corby

We offer a full spectrum of services to improve your SEO in Corby or across the UK or even the whole world.

Full Corby SEO Package

Our Northampton agency is perfect for those looking for SEO in Corby. We work with every type of business, from large international brands to small businesses looking to expand their reach. Our team covers every aspect of digital marketing. From content writers, web designers, web developers and, of course, SEO experts.

SEO Audit

Identifying and fixing technical website issues is one of the first steps to improving your search rankings. Within any technical SEO audit service we’d look to dive deep into your website. We do this to find and diagnose issues and create solutions. Many of these issues might not even be visible to you or your users but could be having serious effect on SEO.

Local SEO

At Channel Creative, we understand the importance of getting your business name out into your local area. We’re here to give you the visibility you deserve.

SEO Consultancy in Corby

SEO can be a complicated and dark world, but it can also be a very powerful sales-creating tool. SEO consultancy is a great option for businesses looking to expand their digital marketing services. Especially for those who have the time and resources to execute changes.

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Whatever your needs are we can help boost your Corby based business through SEO. We have a wealth of experience and diverse range of customers. For more insight get in touch!