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SEO Costs

The cost of SEO can often be seen as a little bit complicated. As SEO is a whole new industry in itself. As the industry is new, there is little knowledge of SEO costs. Unlike traditional industries where you have a good understanding of pricing.

In this article, we will go through the different SEO costs, what you get for your money and help you decide if SEO is right for you.

The Levels of SEO

I’ve seen in multiple places bloggers breaking down SEO in three different levels, and I think that’s a pretty good idea. So that’s what I’m going to do as well.

Entry Level SEO

Monthly cost – £50 – £150

Startup costs – £400 – £700

What’s included? – The start-up costs are for covering the costs of optimising the existing website. Bigger websites often take more time to optimise. The monthly cost is mostly for looking at blogs and slightly optimising them for existing keywords and the rest of the monthly costs is for reporting the success of the project. Don’t get me wrong, this level is perfect for small companies, with very little competition, because at this level these small tasks can be the difference between ranking first, and ranking on the second page.

Mid Level SEO

Monthly cost – £250 – £850

Startup cost – £500 – £1,000

What’s included? – What do you get for this step up in pay then? Well, you get more researched keywords, better optimisation per page and more time spent testing performance. The increased monthly cost is due to time spent finding new keywords to use, helping create and review blog posts, optimising these blog posts and reporting on the success of the project. This information is for the client, but also to help develop the project further. More time is also spent on developing new backlinks.

Top Level SEO

Monthly cost – £1,500 +

Startup costs – £2,000 +

What’s included? – This is a big step up in pay and success. This level not only takes into account all those things previously mentioned but also create content and help with the whole websites PR. As we should know by now SEO is more than just keywords, content is king and so is user experience. In the top level of SEO, the costs are not only associated with optimisation but also producing new content that will improve all aspects of rankings. As well as improving organic backlinks with efficient content creation.

Now you know the basics, let’s break it down a tad bit further.

Entry Level SEO

All agencies should offer different levels of SEO depending on client budgets, but some may see the entry level SEO as an area that isn’t profitable enough for them. However, in saying this a lot of entry-level SEO companies might not use the best methods for improving organic search performance.

Is Entry Level SEO worth it?

It’s tough to say really… a lot of agencies like Channel Creative are willing to do small projects and will do them well and show results. Whereas others might use shady tactics, like paying for links and other things such as that which can have a negative effect on your site.

Overview of Entry SEO

To be honest, it might be worthwhile paying for a course and learning the basics yourself. Check out sites like this DIY guide and this start-up guide for help on this. You can even pay a member of Channel Creative to come to your office for half a day and run the essentials of SEO.

Mid Level SEO

Mid-level SEO is by far the most popular level of SEO and is very good for SME’s in highly competitive industries. The types of agencies that offer this level will help with everything from content creation through to reporting. As we should all know content is very important and needs optimising, for information on this check out any of our SEO blogs here. Going back to the point, however, these agencies will do most on-site SEO tasks, however, might not do as much link building, which is another crucial part of SEO. But, they normally provide techniques on how clients can build links themselves.

Is Mid Level SEO Worth it?

If you run a small to medium-sized business and need to stand out more in organic search results SEO is definitely worth it. The first step that an agency should do is speak to you about your business, understand the basics and work out for you how much SEO could help. If you would like Channel Creative to do this for you get in contact with us here. At this point ROI and goals are set, if the client goes ahead with the project.

Overview of Mid Level SEO

The Mid-level is very appropriate for most companies out there. It is not expensive and it will bring back profits after a few months. If you do go for a Mid Level SEO package, make sure you check your own analytics and conversion rates to make sure the agency is working towards what it promised.

Top level SEO

The top level of SEO is for much larger companies, companies with a lot of competition who will perform SEO with a number of different online marketing channels. At the top level of SEO everything matters, from the quality of backlinks, social media performance, PR and content production.

Any company looking to invest this heavily into SEO should also receive other areas such as social media and content production assistance as well. An agency should sit down with those involved on the client’s end and understand everything to do with the business, and set goals at 3 different stages of the project.

Is the top level worth it?

The simple answer is yes, if you run a large company with a very competitive market then SEO and also PPC might be the only real ways to stand out in search results. But with PPC the budget for advertising would need to be very high, meaning SEO is the best choice.

At this level agencies not only optimised each page (which there might be 100’s) but they also produce content to keywords and will improve customer and crawl bot performance. All this content production takes time, and this is where the real cost of this SEO level comes from.

Overview of the top level SEO

The top level is very expensive, but the results can be a lot higher. If a company ranks first on a search term with 15,000 monthly unique searches they could, in theory, get 15,000 new customers. Unfortunately, it isn’ that simple, but the profitability is there.

SEO Costs Overview

SEO is a complicated area of digital marketing, costs associated aren’t always visible and a lot of knowledge is needed to perform it well. These SEO costs I mentioned are examples of what Channel Creative and other companies would charge and may vary depending on competition, number of pages and complexities.

The long and short of this blog is that SEO varies depending on the need, there is not one amount that covers everything. Understand your businesses needs and budget restrictions to chose what you think will give you the best results. If there isn’t enough budget, try doing SEO yourself.

If you do need help with SEO to get in contact with Channel Creative using the button below.