PPC Keywords


PPC Keywords

PPC, as we all should know by now is Pay Per Click, this is when the advertiser pays a fee every time a user clicks on an ad. If you want to find out more about PPC check out our article on what PPC is here.  In this article, we will cover the basics of how to find keywords for PPC adverts, specifically text ads on search results. 

What are PPC keywords 

Keywords are everywhere on the internet. Keywords filter down millions of websites into a small batch of relevant content. In terms of PPC, keywords put website links at the top of search engine results.  Keywords are the terms that you would like your website to advertise on. PPC keywords are not all the same, some searches have more monthly views than others. The more searched terms are more expensive per click and are often more competitive. 

How to find Keywords

Now that you have a basic understanding of what a keyword is. It’s time to find out how to discover the best keywords for your advert. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and Moz are very helpful for this. They give a break down of how many times that term has been used and cost associated with advertising on it. There is also an extension for Chrome called Keyword Everywhere. This is a very handy tool that gives instant results on search terms on the search engine.  When searching in these tools they will provide a list of alternative terms that might be more valuable. Now that you know where to find PPC keywords you now need to pick the right one. Don’t simply use the most searched term. Think about how competitive that term is, your budget and how much power your website already has.

How to use PPC keywords?

So you’ve now picked what keywords you are going to use on your PPC advert, now how are you going to use it? Keywords need to feature in the titles of the advert, in the description and even in the URL to get the best results. Making the ad more relevant around the keyword will help in none budget placement. By this, I mean how high the advert will rank with a lower budget than the competition. This can improve even more by making the landing page more relevant to that advert. 

Dynamic PPC?

Dynamic searched PPC is changing how keywords and even performing PPC planning is done. With Dynamic search ads, the advertiser is able to let Google learn from their website at what terms and users will get them the best results. This system learns what keywords already feature on the site. What visitors of the site searched and countless other algorithms to get great results.  This is a huge area that needs an article to itself to explain. However, to cut it down, if you’re website is already built to best SEO standard then it can be very beneficial. However, if you’re looking for more control and your site isn’t SEO perfect then non-dynamic might be better for you. 


PPC Keywords are very important, at the moment. But they might not be as important in the future. It’s worth getting clued up on what keywords are most popular in relation to your business. This can help not only with PPC but also with SEO, Social media and countless other digital marketing related projects. If you need more information on PPC or just want someone to do it for you get in contact with us using the button below.