One Month into Channel Creative


Channel Creative Update

We are now just over one month into running Channel Creative full time and I thought it would be the perfect moment to give an update on how it’s going. If you didn’t know, my name is Henry Williams, I am the Director of Channel Creative. 

Channel Creative is a Digital Marketing agency based in Nottingham. We set up just under a year ago, but recently we have decided to go full time with it. You might be wondering, what is it that a Digital Marketing agency does, well, to put it bluntly, we manage businesses online presence. Whether that be managing websites, design new websites or increase search engine rankings. Our aim is to bring more business and leads through digital channels.

The First Month

As you might have guessed by the title of this article, we are very new to the world of running our own business. However, we have many years of experience within the digital domain. Being so we had many goals and plans that we wanted to achieve in our first month. One of which was to have our own website fully set up and another was to gain our first clients. Both of which we have successfully done. 

Our website, which I am assuming you are reading this on is and we, in fact, have 3 clients. Nutrition with Louise is one of them, Louise is a Nottingham Nutritionist and Channel Creative have been updating her SEO to increase Louise’s ranking on Search Engines. Another is which we are also doing SEO for is One Barber, this project is currently ongoing. Finally, our last client is RP Gardening Services, which we are developing and designing a brand new website for.

Our next Goals

With this first month out of the way, we turn our sights to the future, what will be our next steps and what we will be looking at for the future. We will carry on looking for new potential clients that we believe we can make a big impact with. We believe in helping companies, and our achievements are increased when our clients achieve.

With regards to our website, we look to update it and keep it a central spot for weekly articles with tips and tricks on how you can improve your own digital world. Channel Creative is here to be a friendly face in the sometimes sinister world of digital marketing.

What this means for you

What this means for you is to keep an eye out for Channel Creative. We are still going strong and still looking for great opportunities to help businesses just like your own. If you ever need a helping hand when stuck on something or are looking for a larger goal, drop us an email or give us a call.