Channel Creative March Update 2019


Channel Creative Update March 2019

So we’re now in our second quarter of 2019 and things are looking pretty good. Firstly it has been some amazing weather for February, which is always a big plus for everyone. Secondly business for Channel Creative is looking pretty great, with some amazing new clients and awesome new projects we’re very excited.

We’re writing this very quick article to give you, (our lovely readers) an update on what is happening within Channel Creative. We will also run through what is next for us and our plans for where we will be taking the Channel Creative ship.

What’s Been Happening?

What most of you must be wondering is what has been happening? Is there anything new? And what should you be looking out for? To answer all of these questions, a lot, yes and a lot!

Since our last update at the start of the year, there were quite a few projects in the pipeline. Almost all of those have now come in and most of them can in fact be seen on our portfolio section. We’ve been using our huge knowledge of SEO and Website design to develop some really great and highly optimised websites.

We’re also continuing to write weekly blog updates to give you the low down on industry trends. We do this to give back to our readers and clients, knowing that if they don’t fully understand everything they can always get in contact with us.

New Clients

Since our last update, we have picked up quite a lot of new clients for various projects. We’re very pleased that a lot of these are on a monthly basis so we can really help improve these business’s online presence. With these projects ranging from SEO monthly projects through to website maintenance projects. We love working with companies that can see and understand the importance of their website.

Client Success

With our SEO projects, our clients have seen a huge rise in organic traffic and increased profits of up to 55%! This is fantastic and shows the potential gain through highly optimised and great websites. (little plug) If you are also looking for help in optimising your website be sure to get in contact with us as we love learning about and working with new companies.

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Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

How Has Channel Creative Changed?

Channel Creative will always try and remain a small independent company that focuses towards helping other small to medium sized businesses improve their digital domain. However, as Channel Creative grows, which it currently is doing, we need to look more at larger companies. However, within our mission statement, we have always said that our main goal will be to improve small to medium-sized businesses, without taking the p**** on pricing!

The Next Steps for Channel Creative

There are a lot of opportunities for Channel Creative at the moment, and our current position within the market is great for us. We are of course always looking for new projects and tasks to take on board, because we love a challenge. We are still looking at getting more into the PPC (pay per click) market, so if you’re looking at PPC get in contact with us below!

Our next major step will be to set up our first official corporate office and then start taking the digital marketing world by storm. We are also looking to partner up with other companies within our market so we can offer a wider service to our customer. Adding items like content creation, social media marketing and so on. If you’re interested in this type of thing get in contact with us or if you do it yourself, also drop us a message we’d love to have a chat about this.

Additional and Conclusion

So things are looking pretty good for us at the moment. Our current spot within our market is helping us grow. We do of course always need to keep looking ahead, but given the amount of time we have been in business for, we are very pleased with where we stand at the moment.

If you are looking for a small digital marketing company to help out with your digital marketing, get in contact with us using the big button below. We’d be more than happy to chat through your projects.