Channel Creative – London Digital Marketing Agency? 

We here at Channel Creative has got a bit of news for you. As the Channel Creative has grown over the past year and a half we’ve been building a large database of clients based in Nottingham. Previously growing very fast and making a major impact in the Nottingham Digital Marketing scene. However, we’ve been looking for new opportunities throughout the UK. These new opportunities have lead us to the bright lights of London. So we’ve developed into a Nottingham and London based Digital Marketing company. 

In this very short blog post, we’ll outline our move, what this means for our current Nottingham clients and what’s happening. 

London Digital Marketing

As you’ve now read we’re now based in London, of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t also work in Nottingham. Channel Creative offer their services throughout the UK and internationally, meaning that it really won’t affect our work with Nottinghamshire. We are still delighted to work with so many great companies based in Nottingham. We will still be working very closely with our clients and looking for new clients as we grow. 

digital marketing in london
Photo by Web Hosting on Unsplash

London SEO Services

As with our range of digital marketing services, our SEO service will be much the same with new clients in London. As well as this we’re looking at a few very exciting opportunities to expand our SEO Services throughout the world.

London PPC Services

As with our SEO services, our PPC services will remain very similaraly to our existing work. We currently don’t focus very heavily on PPC, but over the coming months, we will look to expand this service, very similar to what Channel Creative have done with their SEO Services. 

Website Design in London

Websites are a very personal thing, they take time to create the perfect website for a client. Because of this, we understand that there needs to be a touch of interaction to offer the best experience to these customers. So we will of course still be up in Nottingham all the time. Meeting our fantastic existing clients and meeting new potential clients. 

Our website design and development services are always growing and we’re currently working on some really great projects that we can’t wait to show you. Keep up to date with our projects by checking out our portfolio page

So Whats the Low Down? 

So what’s really happening in our crazy digital marketing world… well, a lot! With so many massive projects, finishing, midway through and starting we’re really looking forward to showing you. We’re now in London, but this won’t affect any of our current or new customers. 

If you’re looking for a fantastic new digital marketing company, offering SEO, PPC and Website Design in London and Nottingham, get in touch. We love chatting digital marketing, and we’ll always make time for a cup of tea, no matter where you are in the UK.