Is Your Website up to Date?


Is Your Website up to Date?

One key part of running a successful website is keeping that website up to date. So what exactly do you need to do in order to keep your website updated? Well there are a few things that all come together to keep your site faster, safer, more user friendly and ranking better, I’ve listed them below: 

  • Software – all websites feature software, updating this software is a must to ensure your website is fully optimised 
  • Security – Sites nowadays hold a lot more user data than ever before, that is why it is very important you keep your sites security updated 
  • Content – A website is full of content and its now more important than ever to keep that content up to date, especially for SEO

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How to Know if Your Website is Up to Date?

There are many ways of doing this, most of them are actually pretty obvious. We’ve gone through and listed how to tell if your website is all up to date.

Website Security and Software

If your website is on WordPress, plugins, themes and the whole CMS are often updated most weeks. These will all be shown on your dashboard when you login into the backend of your site. If your website is not run by WordPress then often updates are automatically performed. The one area that might require updating is your server, if this is the case then you should get an email from your hosting provider. As most servers are different, we would recommend getting in touch with your hosting provider.

Content Updated

Content is a bit more complicated but still fairly easy to work out. In order to get the most from your website, you need to be producing content and keeping the sites content up to date. The best way to tell if your site is up to date is to go through it. If you haven’t posted a blog in over 2 weeks, it might be time to look at producing a new one. This all helps bring in a more user-friendly experience as well as helping you rank better. Just remembered to produce this content around keywords and keep it optimised, check out our article on how to do this, is my website optimised.

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Why Keep Your Site Updated

I’ve covered this in another one of my articles ‘Why Website Maintenance is important’. But the jist of that article is that your website needs to keep up with the changing world around it. With the speed websites move at the moment, keeping your site up to date is crucial to not be behind your competitors.

Updated for SEO

Content updates and maintenance need to happen in order to get any sort of ranking on search terms. As you should know by now content and user experience is king. If you’re not producing content and your website is slow and not updated, you will struggle to rank. Our recommendation is to produce at least 2 blogs per month around useful topics to your customers.

Keep it up to date for Security

Security is incredibly important at the moment, with laws like GDPR it is crucial that you keep any user data secure. Meaning that your website always needs to be up to date with the latest software that can prevent hackers from using holes in old software to access your site.

Cost of Updates

Updates don’t really cost anything to you if you do it yourself. The real cost is time. Software updates are usually done automatically, checking the site post update is important. Updates can often change the website, so checking the site ensures it is still running the way you expect. checking for things like content being out of line, plugins no longer working etc. 

Content updates do take longer, we recommend checking the existing webpage content once a month to make sure it is still in fitting with your company’s views. Adding new blog posts also don’t cost anything apart from time. The typical blog takes around 2 hours to write, proof and add photos too. If you want to pay for optimisation of this blog it will cost around £30. Or you could get a content writer with SEO experience to write it for around £50 – £100.

Website Development for Updating

Your site might have reached a point where simple updates can’t improve the site enough. If you have reached this point we would recommend a new website. There are plenty of ways to do this, but Channel Creative (being a bit bias) would recommend coming to someone like us to build it for you. The benefit of this is that all our sites come with SEO best standards, meaning the site won’t just look great it will also rank better. (that’s the only sales pitch in this blog, apart from the conclusion). 

Updating your website will mean that all the software is up to date, refreshed content and the security bought up to best standards. If you do go for a company like Channel Creative we will also create a content plan to allow you to keep on producing great content, without having to come to us if you don’t want to.

Website up to Date Conclusion

There you have it, keeping your website up to date is crucial for any form of online success. Nothing online should be standing still and nor should your website. Check your site at least once a month, produce great focused content and make sure any software is up to date to keep your site safe and ranking higher. 

If you need any help with updating or maintaining your website get in contact with Channel Creative using the contact button below. We’re always up for discussing SEO and website design projects.