How to Pick a Website Designer


How to Pick a Website Designer

A website designer is a person or company that creates the design of your website. In most cases, a website designer will not only design you a great looking website, but they will also build the site as well. This is often called website development. The more generic terms are website designer or website developer(dev). So how should you pick a website designer?

In this article, we will go through how to pick a web designer and try to understand what they’ll do for you, how much they’ll charge and how to actually find a good one.

What is a Website Designer?

A website designer is someone that will design and develop your website. The job you hire them to do is to build you a fantastic looking website. The website shouldn’t just be what they think looks good, even though they should know what looks good and what doesn’t. But they also should also take into account what you say as the client. As the website designer should know what looks good and****** what doesn’t look so good, you should trust their opinion.

What Should They Do?

Assuming a website designer should develop the website as well as design it might be a mistake. However, in most cases website design is commonly used to term and covers everything from design to development. Everything from designing each page through to actually building the page and potentially writing code in order to bring their designs to life.

If you have hired a designer and they’re only going to design the site, they quite often might make a design that looks great, but in terms of website development is totally impractical. Hence why it is very useful to get a designer that also develops. Before deciding on your website design agency/designer, clarify what they’re actually going to do for you. 

How Much is a Website Design Agency?

Price in this industry is often a well-kept secret. Prices can change from anywhere from £400 for a single page website through to £10,000 for a super functional and highly optimised website. In most cases, cheap is not always best as you pay a premium for a well designed and built website. 

The best way to make sure you’re getting enough bang for your buck is to find out what you’re actually getting. Compare three quotes from various designers and agencies and you should get a pretty good understanding. Just remember, some companies will only build and design the site, when others might offer to write your content, and others might offer to build the site to SEO best standards. Take these into account when looking for your agency/designer.

(little side note, most website design companies will not build the site to SEO best standards. However Channel Creative do, everything we build uses research keywords and is built to best SEO standards. By doing this we ensure the site looks great and will actually rank highly).

As mentioned before, pricing is a bit of a tough one. For a good understanding, our starting website price for around 5 pages of custom design website, with SEO best standards and optimised content is around £750.

5 Steps to Picking a Web Designer

Now that we’ve covered what a web designer should be doing and how much they should charge let’s work out how to pick one. So there a quite a few options, but we’re gonna cover the basics of how to find one and make sure they’re right for you! 

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1. Finding a Designer

It is very easy to find a designer, but it’s very difficult to find a good one. You need to find a few good designers that could build your dream website, following the next steps will help you find a ‘good’ agency. It is important to look at their website to get a feel for what they can offer you.

You can find most designers through Google (this also shows they’re good at SEO as well), or someone might refer one. A new way of finding designers is to use websites like *Upwork* and *People Per Hour*. These allow designers and other freelancers to bid on your project. However, this is mostly for small independent freelancers.

Finding a Nottingham web design agency

2. Viewing Their Work

Again, you need to look through their website to understand if they can build exactly what you’re looking for. A good solid designer should have quite a few portfolio items on their website that range in designs and projects. If they don’t have any projects, chances are you could be their first client.

Just because they don’t have any portfolio items doesn’t mean you should strike them off. This gives you a bit of room to negotiate a lower price as you could be an example website for them in the future.

Contacting Design Agency
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3. Get In Contact

In order to make things happen with any company, contact has to happen. This can be through emails or even through a phone call. Giving them a good understanding of what you want and to find out the agencies pricing. It is important to look at value-added items here. Like whether or not they will also help create the content or build the site to be SEO friendly. All these help build a better website in the long run.

4. Compare

After about a week or so since contacting the web design agencies, you should get all the proposals back. At this point, you need to compare the agencies. Again don’t just look at the bottom line (unless the price is all you care about). Try and understand what each web design agency does well and which one will benefit you the most.

5. Decide and Begin Creating Your Website

Perfect, you’ve found a website design agency that you thin can take your ideas and bring them to life on the Internet. Now begin the creation. This topic is quite big, so I will save this for another article.

However, the short version of that article is, they create a subdomain (build site), create some ideas for you to give feedback on. Develop them further, start building the newly designed site. You provide content, then testing of the site and finally it goes live! Simple.

Pick a Web Design Agency Conclusion

So there you have it, now you can go out and find the perfect web design agency to build your website. *cough* Channel Creative *cough*! All joking aside, as long as you know exactly what the agency/designer is doing for you. You understand the pricing and what you’re getting. They’re well experienced or you’re getting a discount. Then feel free to pick away and start creating a great website full of amazing content.

If you’re struggling to find a great website design agency, then we know the perfect company for you! If you do need a hand with your website, SEO or PPC get in contact with Channel Creative using the big button below!