How to Get Pay Per Click Results


How to get Pay Per Click Results

How to get pay per click results can often be misunderstood, there are two ways of looking at pay per click results, one being conversions the other being impressions and click-throughs. Both have benefits as they raise awareness of products and services as well as help to increase sales. Pay per click results can vary depending on the style of the website and what the advertisers want to achieve.

In this article, we will go through how to increase impressions and click-throughs and also how to convert those click-throughs into conversions.

Oh and before I forget for all the basics of PPC check out our former blogs here, you can even check out this blog (not by us) but still a useful blog to get to grips with the basics.

Pay Per Click Results

Pay Per Click Results

Pay Per Click Impressions

If you’re new to digital marketing you might not have heard this term before, but it basically means the number of people that have seen your advert, link or general website. It is a very good indicator of how well placed your advert is. Heres a blog on all the basics of impressions***.

Whether or not impressions are a good pay per click result is no debate, impressions are important and high impressions show that. But looking past this any good advertiser should understand that impressions are only half of the story. Well written adverts will show by having a higher Click Through Rate (CTR).

How to get more impressions?

To get more impressions location is key, where your advert is in terms of search term and placement on those terms. Keyword research is important for this, as advertising on unused keywords is pointless. We’ve written a pretty tip top article on this, check it out here.

Click Through Rates

Again for any ‘noob’ in digital marketing, a click-through rate might be a new term, but it’s basically what it says on the tin… the number of clicks on an advert in comparison to the number of impressions achieved.

As I said before, a high click-through rate is a very good sign. It means your advert is eye-catching and is drawing in users. The benefit of this, especially if you’re trying to build brand awareness is that you are doing just that.

How to get a better click-through rate?

Click through rates are harder to get than you think. Sometimes an advertiser might not even want that click through (very rarely), but every time a user click they obviously spend money, they might just be looking for that extra coverage on highly competitive terms. But, as I’m sure most of you want that CTR here is the best method.

  1. Know your audience – get to know who is your target market and the best way to connect with them
  2. Advertise in the right location – know what your market is using, are they using a search engine or would another Google Partner Advertiser be more appropriate?
  3. Budget – how much are you willing to spend on placement
  4. Content – get the content right and budget is less important, more relevant content will improve location over budget, check out this article for more information on this.
  5. Lastly… eye-catching content – The content needs to be engaging enough to draw in visitors, don’t copy someone else, be unique and make your advert stand out.

Pay Per Click Conversion Results

Conversions are when the users get to the end point on a website, whether that be a contact form or for commerce websites actually making a sale. In terms of pay per click results, this is where most marketers and advertisers want their users to get to. ROI can be more easily worked out with the conversion rate.

Even though this is the most important result, it is the hardest to get to. To achieve a conversions everything we’ve spoken about needs to come together, as well as the addition of the landing page is inviting enough to draw in the conversion.

How to get a Conversion?

Conversions are everything we’ve previously spoken about plus a great landing page. Drawing those users on to the page is one thing, now that page needs to sell! The landing page needs to be attractive, inviting and above all else close the sale. There are many ways to do this, but they vary across industries and sectors. There are a few steps that have proven success throughout all industries (pretty much).

  1. Keep the user on the page – keep the user on that page or the contact page, remove the menu from the top for something more simplistic and reduce links that take the user elsewhere.
  2. Clear call to actions – when the page first loads up that user needs to see instructions and benefits of following those instructions… sign up now for 50% off, for example.
  3. Incentives – Something to persuade those users to follow the steps, like the 50% off.
  4. Benefits – Why should they want 50% off when they don’t even want the product or services? Show the user the benefits of going with you and purchasing your product/service.
  5. Conversion point on the page – keep the conversion points on the page, allow the user to add the product to their basket on the same page / have the contact form on the same page
  6. Great content – great content not only helps steer those users to the purchase/contact but it also helps in pay per click advert rankings.

Summary to get those pay per click results

If you’re not bothering to read the full blog this summary should wrap everything up…

Pay per click results come from improving impressions, more click-throughs and a higher conversion rate. To improve impressions an advertiser needs to focus on their adverts placement, where their advert is ranking and what key terms to use. If the advert has a lot of impressions the advertiser needs to look at the content of the advert, work out how to make it more attractive to the users so they want to click on it. Once those users are on the landing page, the page needs to have great content, design and call to actions in order to reach more conversions.

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