Google Ads? Google’s Big Rebrand


Google Ads?

Over the next few weeks, Google will be unveiling their new advertising platforms. Removing Google Adwords for the Google Ads and removing DoubleClick for Google Ads Manager and Google Marketing Platform. What are these changes going to look like and how will they affect you guys? Let’s find out.

Google Ads

Starting with the biggest and most used platform, Google Adwords is changing to Google Ads. This change is primarily a ‘name change’ according to Google. However, fairly shortly Google will be launching Smart Campaigns, which will be a new tool to help smaller business manage their ads using machine learning to improve campaigns.

So why the change of names? When Google Adwords first started back in the very early 2000’s, the adverts of Google were only text/words. Google Adwords was named after what it was, adverts made from words, however, 18 years on Adwords encompasses lots of different avenues for marketing. Here are just some of the features of Adwords:

  • Text Ads
  • Video Advertising on Youtube
  • Shopping Display Ads
  • Map Ads
  • Banner ads on trusted sites
  • And More!

For this reason, primarily the change has taken place. The new name Google Ads makes more sense as it doesn’t limit the brand to one specific part of online advertising.

Google Marketing Platform

With the change to Google Adwords comes Google Marketing Platform. This is a new platform which is aimed at combining both Double Click and Analytics 360. Whereas advertising and feedback are becoming more complicated, this new platform plans for simplifying the process of managing multiple ads on different platforms. With this change advertisers and agency will have more power to reach customers at any time and anywhere according to Google. The ability to manage non-Google products will also be a feature of this new platform.

Google Ad Manager

Now for the final rebrand, Google Ad Manager. This new addition is helping to bring both Doubleclick for Publishers and the Doubleclick Ad Exchange together for more opportunities for selling ad inventory. With the update also come a whole host of new safety additions, making the system more reliable in terms of not advertising inappropriate content and spammy ads.

Your Thoughts

We would love to know your thoughts on these changes. How do you think they will affect Google and will you be missing the old platforms? We personally think the changes will be good and shouldn’t cause too much drama for advertisers and agencies.