Does Guest Blogging Work?


Does Guest Blogging Work? 

Guest Blogging is the act of writing a blog for someone else’s website, effectively creating content for other websites that their readers find interesting. In recent years blogging has changed from being a news and information source, to being an inbound marketing strategy. Guest blogging used to be a great way to build up presences on other’s websites that could provide more traffic to your site. But the question now is, does guest blogging work?

There isn’t a very simple answer to this question, it is and it isn’t worth it. Before we break down exactly why guest blogging can work, we need to understand a bit more about blogging.

blogging evolution
Graph Showing the change in blog length over the years – Credit

The Evolution of Blogging

Back in the early 2000’s blogging was an amazing place to gain information on topics. Bloggers would set up a website dedicated to their area of expertise. A blogger with enough presence and enough traffic could use their new found space and influence to sell banner adverts. Back in the early 2000s when the internet was still young banner ads were a lot more effective than they are today.

Social Media and Blogging

As trends within the internet change as did blogging. With the creation and consumption of social media, users gained information in a different way. No longer needing to read blogs for information, they could now read posts to gain snippets of information. Social media has given bloggers a space to reach out to a new audience, but it has also taken away some of their existing audience.

The Rise of Google

With the rising popularity of Google as the number one search engine blogging has seen an even bigger change. SEO back in the day used to be the wild west, content was typically spammy and filled with keywords, being less focused on good content. Now, however, blogging needs to be good quality, users consume way more content than ever before and yours needs to stand out.

With the rise in Google, businesses saw an opportunity to grow their inbound marketing efforts. Now blogging is more focused on increasing presence on Google through SEO, meaning a company can gain more traffic and therefore more revenue. (This is a very good Segway into what guest blogging is now).

Graph showing the value of guest blogging – Credit

The Early Days of Guest Blogging

Going back to the early 2000s, guest blogging was for bloggers to reach out to new audiences by providing content for others sites. As we now know, pro bloggers would earn their living through ads, the more users that would come to their blog, the more revenue they would earn. By providing some of their content to larger websites, they could effectively divert some of that larger websites traffic to theirs. Meaning they could get a bump in traffic and revenue. The larger site would gain more good quality content, meaning their advert revenue would increase as well, a win-win for both parties. 

Modern Day Guest Bloggers

Now that SEO is a much larger part of everyone’s life, if you realise it or don’t, guest blogging has changed. Nowadays being a blogger is much harder, there is a lot more content produced by companies meaning it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. Most bloggers nowadays write blogs for these companies as their main source of income. Guest blogging is now more about growing backlinks and increases SEO rankings than earning revenue for adverts.

In the modern day it is a tool for increasing rankings for companies, and no longer a funnel for individuals to gain more traffic. Guest blogging is still a big part of the internet, but in a different way than it used to be. This brings us back to the main topic of this article. Does Guest Blogging Work?

So Does Guest Blogging Work?

Like I said before the answer is not simple. It does not work very well for the old style of use, as most users of the internet don’t seek blogs as their main source of information. It is also a lot less likely to gain more traffic to your site through direct clicks from theirs and the effectiveness and price of banner ads have plummeted. However, from a backlink and SEO standpoint, guest blogging does work. You can check out a whole bunch of our articles on backlinks here.

There are still a lot of websites that accept bloggers content, you can check out this list if you’re looking to grow your own blog and would like a place to start. If you’re a company looking to gain more inbound traffic from SEO and guest blogging you can get in contact with Channel Creative using the button below.