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Website Content

Content is a key part of any digital marketing strategy. With the importance of great content being produced more often increasing, now is the right time to fully understand how creating content for websites can help your digital marketing. In this article, we will go through why content is important, how to write it for SEO, what to write about and the negatives and positives. 

So let’s begin! 

Why Content is Important?

Why is content actually so important? There are a whole bunch of reasons away from a single SEO point of view. Content is one of the ways you communicate with your customers and potential customers. With this sometimes being the first point of contact. Great content can help draw in more traffic as well as help convert existing traffic into becoming a customer. 

Content and SEO

Content and SEO go hand in hand. Great and well-optimised content can help push the website higher in search results. Meaning that it can draw in more traffic, especially if in-depth keyword research has taken place, we’ll go into that more a bit later on. 

Why Content and SEO?

Search engines work by visiting websites and indexing them. They then use this indexed data and link the data with searched terms. The reason content and SEO go so well together is because search engines read through the content. They do this to understand what search terms the page is relevant for. This benefits both yourself, as you rank higher and search engines because they get to give their users the best results. 

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How to Write Good SEO Content

Good SEO content that will rank well needs to come in multiple forms. By this I mean the content needs to either be featuring on pages or in blogs. Writing web copy, is a difficult thing, focusing on producing pages towards small and shorter terms. Blog content can be on longer tail terms. 

Good content needs to be well written, very few grammatical errors and written to a surprisingly low reading age. The reading age is to make your content more user-friendly, really difficult reads are often pushed down the rankings as they can scare some readers/users away. Again, search engines are trying to give their users the best experience, and scary complicated content doesn’t allow for that. To help you write better content you can use tools like Hemmingway App. This lets you know how hard the content is to read, points out a whole bunch of grammatical error and does a lot more checks. 

What to Write About

Writers block anyone? You’re not alone, working out what to write your content around is very difficult. However, there are a lot of ways to help you work it out. If you’re writing content mainly for the aim to help with rankings then you will need to perform keyword research. The best way we’ve found of finding this content is to do a mind map. Layout a range of ideas in a mind map, then use a keyword research tool like KeywordsEverywhere. You can then see how many times your ideas have been searched. You can also use similar examples to nail down exactly what to write about. 

Content Top Tip

When writing content and doing keyword research make sure to make a note of other similar terms. You can use these within the content under subheadings. Don’t forget to use heading tags wisely, one h1, two or three h2’s and sprinkle in a few h3’s. And super long content isn’t always needed, but keep the content at least above 300 words, and maybe try and push to above 600. 

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Positives and Negatives

Content positives

The positive sides of writing content are pretty obvious, but just to keep this blog fair and balanced we’ll put them in any way. 

  • SEO Rankings | more content showing in rankings means more traffic which if your website is conversions driven means more conversions.
  • Speak directly to customers | You can speak directly to customers through your blog, article or website page content.
  • Multiple uses | Website content can is applicable in a lot of places. Such as using the content throughout your digital marketing strategy, social media, email marketing etc. 

Negatives Side

Of course with a few positives, there should also be a negative side. 

  • Criticism | As with anything, if you put content out there you open yourself up to criticism.
  • Time | It takes time to write good content, check it, optimised it etc. 
  • Reputation | it can help build a reputation as well as bring it down. 
  • Feature on wrong key terms | Without proper research you might feature on results pages that you didn’t actually want to feature on. 

Is Content Writing Right for You?

Creating great content for websites isn’t easy, but it is a must. If you want to have a full well rounded digital marketing plan then you will have to do content production. Focusing on producing creative content on a frequent basis can really help bring in more traffic, improve conversions and increase your customer base. As well as this it can help cement your business as an important asset in the industry. 

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