Channel Creatives New website


Channel Creative’s New Website

Channel Creative as you should know by now is a Nottingham based Digital marketing agency. Channel Creative have been building and creating new websites for a number of different companies since it started early in 2018. With a little bit of time on our hands as clients have had their summer holidays, Channel Creative decided to embark on a new internal project. This Project was to design and build itself a new website.

Why We Upgraded?

We upgraded for a number of different reasons. The first was that our previous site didn’t match what we stand for. When we first started we didn’t understand our place fully in the market, and because of this our site was missguided. Now 6 or so months on we fully understand our purpose and targets within this industry.

The second is because we wanted to reface our image. The previous site wasn’t anything special and didn’t reflect us. With our new site we can move towards our end goal… conquering the world. Only joking of course…

Our Process

As we mentioned this wasn’t a full on project that we did start to finish in one sitting. We fitted time in to work on the new site in between our clients being away. Our process was to use the same content, but increase its SEO efficiency in doing so. Using a new format and imagery, this site can be tired into some of our other advertising campaigns.

As we do with every site we build, we built it to our process. Understanding what we wanted to build and what we wanted it to do. From this we built designs and ideas. We then pushed it forwards to developing the front page, from here we had the design ideas to start working on the rest. It takes time, but we think we’ve nailed it with this one. After the design is complete and the content is in, we work on optimisation. As we mentioned early, we improved the content to improve search engine rankings. Then comes testing, making sure that all the pages are right on every screen size so that every user gets the best experience. We are only human so if you do spot something do let us know using the details below.

What this means for you

Other than the fact the site now looks amazing not a lot. You’ll still get weekly news and blog posts on things happening in the industry. With some news on Channel Creative and obviously the useful tip every now and then. But for us, it can mean improve traffic and conversion coming from our site… which is always good. We also now give a fantastic first impression to anyone who visits our site.

If you want a website like ours or want optimisation to get your current site ranking higher get in contact with us below.