Youtube help SEO?


Does Embedding a Youtube Video Help SEO?  When looking to get that edge online people often turn to videos. Videos, particularly lately have become very important. For example, Youtube is the second most used searched engine. Facebook have recently started really pushing videos to compete with Youtube. But does embedding a Youtube video help SEO? …


FInd keywords

How to Find Keywords

Find Keywords For Your Website Keywords are a vital part of digital marketing. Keywords feature in almost every aspect of digital marketing, from Social media to YouTube videos through to pay per click advertising. Keywords are so crucial because they inform search engines and other digital outlets what your site, page or video is about. …

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rich snippets

Rich Snippets in SEO

Rich Snippets SEO experts consider rich snippets as something most people should know about, but, not many actually do? In this article, we will look through what rich snippets actually are, how you can get them and what those could mean for your SEO.  What are Rich Snippets?  Rich snippets are not a new thing …

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Does PPC Help SEO?

Does PPC Help SEO?

PPC BENEFIT SEO? Does PPC Help SEO? If you have ever ran a PPC campaign before you might have seen an increase in your SEO rankings, more traffic, more organic conversions and so on. But is this really PPC having an effect on your SEO? Does PPC help SEO? In this article, we will look …

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Does Guest Blogging work?

Does Guest Blogging Work?

GUEST BLOGGING WORTH IT? Does Guest Blogging Work?  Guest Blogging is the act of writing a blog for someone else’s website, effectively creating content for other websites that their readers find interesting. In recent years blogging has changed from being a news and information source, to being an inbound marketing strategy. Guest blogging used to …

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