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4 Years

Working Together for Over 4 Years


More Organic Traffic


Overview is one of our longest-running clients, having first started our relationship in 2019. is a specialist and one of the largest .ae domain name and website hosting companies in the UAE.


Their Needs

In 2019 came to Channel Creative requiring more exposure through search engines. The company was recently rebranded and with this rebrand came a new marketing push in the digital field.


The Project

Started in 2019 and still ongoing. We started the project like any other, with research. We conducted an in-depth analysis of their website, competitors and, more importantly, the market.

The UAE search engine database is very varied and different from UK and European databases. Because of this, multiple strategies were produced and success came quickly, as we found the right strategy early in the project.

We had a keen focus on content production and growing the website. Taking inspiration from their competitors, we understood that content was powerful within their market. As well as this, we started building a detailed and long-term backlink strategy which is still yielding great results.


The Result

Within the 4 years of working together, we’ve gained over 227% more organic users. This continues to increase month on month and year on year.

However, in 2021, the algorithm in the UAE changed and we lost out on some keywords. This caused a fall in our search presence but dedicating time and effort to rebuilding has since seen us rise even further. Now with over 2,500 keywords, the site ranks in the top 3 positions for over 60 terms. is now one of the most competitive and fastest-growing providers of .ae domain names. SEO Case Study results

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