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Double Dutch is a premium mixer brand that creates fantastic mixers to make sure you never drink dull again. Their brand is gorgeous and focuses on providing lots of information to its customers about making the most out of its mixers.


Their Needs

Double Dutch wanted to reach out to a wider audience and increase the number of users coming to their website and converting into sales. This was a multi-channel approach to developing more traffic to the website.


The Project

The project started in August 2021 and is ongoing. We started off with research into the website, their competitors and the market as a whole. A keyword list was created and siloed into specific pages and URL structures.

Once we created the strategy, we started optimising the content, website and its off-site links. We then built up a content plan to help develop a content hub for the website.

Our ongoing work has focused on developing new content and backlinks and adjusting the strategy based on changes to the algorithm.


The Result

The project got off to a strong beginning but has slightly calmed down since. We’ve seen a 118% increase in traffic since the start of the project. We’ve also seen our keyword volume increase and our rankings increase. We’re now in the top 3 results for over 60 terms.

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