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Coldharbour Lights make specialist and beautiful feather lampshades. Based in South London on Coldharbour Lane, all their feather lampshades are handmade by a brilliant artist and her team.


Their Needs

Coldharbour Lights recently updated their website and wanted to increase the volume of traffic going to the site. They also wanted to increase their conversion rate, but their number one goal was more traffic.


The Project

The SEO and CRO project started in August 2022 and is ongoing. As with all our SEO projects, we began by researching Coldharbour Lights’ current market position, their competitors and the market as a whole.

After completing the research, we put a plan in place to update the content and improve the technical aspects of the website. The content became focused towards specific keywords within their industry and improved to add more detail about the products and the elements that make up the lampshades.

We also used the owner’s extensive market connections to help build the site authority. The product’s unique nature allowed us to feature the product and description on multiple home blogging websites and even in national newspapers.


The Result

The project has had a fantastic start, showing a 33% increase in traffic compared to the previous year. Even more substantial is a 230% increase in organic sales within the same period.

Cold Harbour Results

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