Benefits of blogging


Benefits of Blogging

Where do I start with this one? There are so many benefits to blogging especially for small businesses. Blogging offers a way to inform, persuade and market a business. In this article, we will go through the benefits of blogging. And why any forward thinking company should do it. There are plenty of statistics around the benefits of blogging. Such as 57% of companies who have a blog reported acquiring a customer from their blog. Anyway, to make this article easier and faster for everyone to read. We’ve broken down the 5 top benefits of blogging.
Why start blogging

What are the Benefits of Blogging?

1. SEO Ranking

Blogging is content, content is great for SEO rankings. Simple as that really. Obviously, it does break down a bit further than that. Blogging is content, that is correct, however, it needs to focus on topics and keywords. structuring blog post on topics and issues that relate to the reader. The blog post will perform better when they’re created to help the reader. Writing in this style and focusing on keywords is the best way to blog. You can checkout our articles on SEO and how to use content to rank higher here.

2. Brand Development

For a new up and coming business getting a name out there is one of the hardest tasks. Building a strong online blog can be an affective way to do so. Using knowledge and experience to write useful content can help customers. Helping those customers find a website and the products/services within. Use industry contacts to improve backlinks and channels to a website. Sending the useful and helpful blog posts are a great way to do this. Also helping with Backlinks, another crucial part of SEO. Again check out our article on SEO backlinks here.

3. Build Trust

Again, this is one for the small companies within a market place. Without a big portfolio a blog can build trust that the company knows what they are talking about. Building a large amount of content focused around experiences within a market can build that level of trust.

4. Develop Relationships

Blogging can help develop relationships. Obviously not personal relationships. But, relationships where readers understand writing styles and look forward to the most recent post. This again can help develop relationships which can grow into loyal customers. The idea of blogging is to give back to those customers through tips and tricks.

5. Reach New Customers Through Expression

This is a bit of a long one, but it is one of the main benefits of blogging. Blogging allows for a website’s presence to grow. It reaches out to new customers through content. This reach can be through SEO and backlinks. But it all comes together to bring more attention to a company. More website traffic improves the chances of that number of visitors becoming customers. With good content being frequently produced the relationship with that customer can grow. Strong relationships mean more return customers. All this from a simple blog.

Benefits of Blogging Conclusion

So do you fancy writing a blog now? It does all seem great but there are a few rules to making your blog successful. Firstly, consistency is key, write good content each week and you will see real growth. Writing weekly is probably the best way to see these benefits. If you’re even more willing, writing twice a week will show these benefits of blogging even more. Channel Creative is not a content production agency, however, we are SEO experts. This means we are able to give advice on the best topics to produce articles for. From this we can do the slow process of optimising the content to get the best SEO results. If you’re interested in this get in contact with Channel Creative using the button below. To learn the basics of blogging check out this article here or see the video below.