Intro to Backlinks


Intro to Backlinks

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks sometimes called inbound links and incoming links are when one website links to another. These links are external website links. Backlinks are a key part of any off-site SEO plan, in this article, we will go through the reasons for why this is important and how to gain them.


Backlinks Importance

So one might be asking themselves why backlinks are so important. Why does a website linking to my site seem so important? Essentially backlinks show trust and if a well-trusted website is willing to point their visitors to another site, search engines trust that site to rank higher.

If lots of well trusted and highly visited websites link through to a webpage or website it adds more confidence for search engines. More confidence means the website has more authority and is much more likely to show higher in search results.

How to gain Backlinks?

One of the hardest parts of off-site SEO is gaining these links. “Earning Links” is the act of gaining new links aiming towards a website.

As with most things, backlinks aren’t all the same. Whilst getting lots of backlinks from small websites might seem like a great way to build lots of links very quickly, it really isn’t. Search engines use inbound links to reassure the quality of the content. poorly optimised websites with unrespectable content featuring incoming links can damage the reputation of a site. Focusing on working with good quality websites is key when earning links.

Our recommendation for earning links would be to produce great content that is worthy of being featured on other websites. By creating great content, the content can then be sent to other websites, bloggers and magazines, with a link to back to a site. Links are easier and faster to gain once the ball starts rolling and relationships are achieved. A great tool to check for potential links is MOZ, check it out here.

Summed up

As we mentioned these pesky links are difficult to earn, but the reward for earning them can be great. Take some time, research where would be appropriate to earn links and get connecting. Building relationships are not only good for SEO, but, also great for overall business. Focus this content on interesting points that are relevant and useful to the target demographic. Send content and build direct paths, therefore slowly a website’s reputation will improve and rankings will grow.

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