5 Web Design Tips and Tricks


5 Web Design Tips and Tricks

Building and designing a website is a scary and daunting process. Finding the style that suits your website needs lots of research in order to get the best results. Channel Creative is here to give you a bit of a guide in the right direction, with their web design tips and tricks.

This article will run through the top 5 web design tips and tricks that have proven success as working for almost any business. Channel Creative do a whole bunch of articles on website design, SEO and PPC on our Blog Page.

Web Design Tips and Tricks

1. Web Speed

Less of a design feature on first view but looking more deeply into it you’ll see how design affects website speed. A slow website increases bounce rate, it is a simple fact, check it out here. The Bounce rate is the rate of users that visit a website and quickly leave the site before moving to another page. Check out this diagram below to show the correlation between a slow website and a bounce rate.

web design bounce rate
13 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Your Conversions – https://neilpatel.com/blog/13-ways-to-reduce-bounce-rate-and-increase-your-conversions/

How to Improve Web Speed

We’ve written an article on how to increase web speed on our web speed page blog. But the long and short of that article is to reduce the size of images, leverage your browser caching and minimise file sizes. This all sounds very easy, but how on earth do you do it? Well for anyone on sites like WordPress it is very easy, downloading caching plugins like Fastest Cache and WP Total Cache can not only increase caching speed but also reduce file sizes and enable Gzip without having to go into the backend of your website.

Image size is the most related to design and can make the biggest difference. Simply download another plugin such as Smush which can compress images. It is also worth noting where the images are actually located on the website and how large they need to be. Reducing actual image sizes reduce image memory and increases web page speed, as there is less to download. 

2. Simple Style

A style is a big thing when it comes to businesses. Businesses like to keep consistent branding throughout all their forms of marketing, and a websites are another form of marketing. One area of web design which is now long gone is the over usage of a page, adding lots of images and text over complicates a page, thankfully this practice is mostly now behind us. How do you improve your styling and simplify things?

simple lading page web design
28 Awesome Landing Page Templates – https://colorlib.com/wp/landing-page-templates/

How to Simplify Things?

Simplify things by reducing clutter on a page, no one likes having to look through a whole bunch of content to find what they’re looking for. Work off your existing branding, keep colours the same and always work on the same style. For example, your website might not feature any actual photography, just simple icons, graphic designs and so on, if that is the case that needs to carry on all the way through the site and all the other forms of marketing. This way a simple and constant style follows the business.

3. Easy Navigation

Now we might not be one to talk about this with our little menu button at the top, but we try to keep things simple. We never have internal page links, we don’t have bread comes and we never use side bar menus. Easy navigation means your website is accessible to every type of person who uses the internet. Not everyone knows exactly how to access different parts of a website, so its important to make your website as accessible as possible.

Simply Navigation Success

So what are our web design tips and tricks to making navigation easy? Reduce the number of pages on the website, unless there needs to be 100 pages, don’t have 100 pages. It is a very old trick to have lots of pages to make your website seem more in-depth, but in-reality most websites only need 5 – 10 pages. All these web pages should feature in the top menu if they don’t chances are no one is ever actually going to view the page, basically making the page pointless. (obviously, don’t cram links on the top menu, take advantage of drop-down menus and so on).

4. Your Own Style

This is more of an extension of point 2, where we mentioned about keeping things simple. This relates to keeping that consistent theme throughout all digital marketing materials. Branding is very important and you can read our full branding blog here. But why does it matter so much for a website? Well to answer the question simply, if a customer is looking for a brand they recognise from other materials, and they come across an unbranded website, they’re not going to understand the connection straight away and you can lose that customer.

How to Keep Things to your Style?

Our web design tips and tricks for keeping things on the right line is to get help. Unless you’re in branding and design yourself it might be worth looking at getting help to succeed in a seamless brand. If you are trying to brand your website yourself you can check out this article here on how to maintain branding.

5. Understand your Market

Your market is what your business lives in, to help your business grow you need to understand how your market works and what it wants. Market research is crucial for any success in business in general. As it is so general it also relates to your web design. Understanding what your consumer base needs and likes in terms of design is the goal.

Market Research and Design

Design your website around what your market likes. Look at another successful website in your market and take parts to put together and make the most successful website in the market. There is a fine line between copying and taking inspiration, so never copy!

Use research into the competition and your current customers to develop something that will really stand out and give you a USP. Focus on a style that is your own and build the design around those that are going to buy your product or service.

Web Design Tips & Tricks Conclusion

So to wrap all this up. Your website needs to be something that is uniquely yours in its design, you can of course take inspiration from others, but your web design needs to be to your style. Keeping it simple in its approach is a great way to target a larger demographic and making the website simple to navigate around is fantastic at keeping those return customers happy. With all this design talk, don’t forget about designing your website to be fast! Speed is very important to users, and you’ll even get a nice little SEO improvement tick as well for being a super quick website.

If you ever need help with any web design tips and tricks please feel free to get in contact with Channel Creative using the button below.