SEO 5 Must Dos!

SEO is now becoming one of the most important parts of digital marketing. But it is often seen as a confusing and difficult area to get to grips with. For those of you who haven’t read our articles on SEO, you can check them out here. By reading these articles you will start to understand the basics of SEO.

In this article, however, we will focus on the top 5 things that anyone, whether in a digital marketing role or being a business owner should do. By performing these 5 musts, websites will see their rankings improve.

So let’s jump into it….

1. SEO Research

Research into SEO encompasses a huge amount of information gathering. From research into keywords through to where potential backlinks can be gained. The research side can often be overlooked, as we often think we know best, but this can often be very different than the most optimised approach.

The biggest area for investigating are keywords. Keywords are used on pages to help in ranking for certain search terms. By using tools such as Google Keyword Planner, research can be performed to find what the most search keywords are. Meaning that a well-optimised website focused around a frequently searched keyword will feature in more searches, therefore, increasing web traffic.

2. On-Page Optimisation

On-Page Optimisation is essentially making sure the webpage is designed and built to the best standards. I often see great looking websites, but they’re so badly optimised that hardly anyone will ever actually see the site because they will never rank highly.

One of the first things to do in ensuring a webpage is optimised is adding a single H1 tag (heading 1), this is one of the first things indexed by Crawl Bots, (find out more about crawl bots here). If a page is missing this they’ll like never rank as high as they could. This is just one small piece of what can be a very complicated area. But using online checking tools can really improve on-page optimisation for SEO. I recommend using them to get the basic ideas of what can be improved.

3. Backlinks

Backlinks are when another website links directly back to your site. Backlinks are so important because it is another channel for Crawl Bots to enter a site for indexing. Having more backlinks improves the importance of a website, and allows for changes and new content to be indexed more often.

Backlinks can often be difficult to gather, one of the best ways to increase backlinks, however, is to produce content for other sites. Having a guest blog spot or using your articles on other sites to link back is a great way to gain more links. However, it is important to note that backlinks need to be coming from good sourced websites. These websites need to be clean and respectable. Negative backlinks are often worse than having no links at all. Our strongest recommendation would be, DON’T PAY FOR BACKLINKS!

4. Social Media

Social Media is an odd one, as it doesn’t directly link in with SEO, but it’s very useful to have with it. Social Media is, of course, using a platform to share content and ideas with a broad audience.

I personally am not overly fond of social networks, but I understand the importance. Social media links to a site are not classed as backlinks, as these links are none follow links. This basically means that Crawl Bots are requested not to follow the link. However, social media helps by increasing the number of traffic coming to a site, adding to the importance of the site and improving overall respect for the site.

5. Content Creation

Content is king! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If a site wants to get up high in the search rankings content needs to be produced! The reason content is so important is because it adds to the overall usability of the website. Search engines like Google want to give their users the best experience. If a website is standing still and isn’t producing content frequently it is no longer giving a good experience. Because of this it will suffer in where it ranks.

What should be produced is a question that you might be asking yourself? The content shouldn’t just be focused on your company, but your whole industry. Try and give back to your customers by providing useful content. This content needs to inherit everything we have covered today. Research into the topic that should be used and what keywords should be used within it. It should be written with Heading tags, meta description, page titles and pictures should have alt tags. This builds the page to a better standard. This content should be produced with the ability to kill two birds with one stone and be able to be sent to over websites, blogs and magazines to feature on their sites. And lastly, the content should be promoted on social media channels to increase web traffic.

Why do this?

Why should you do these 5 musts? Because if you don’t, your competition will and they will overtake you in rankings. Focus on producing great content and covering these areas that we have mentioned if you plan on going out and doing it on your own. If you do need a hand with this, get in contact with us using the information below.